Tuesday, September 3, 2013

A Stitchin' Post

Gentle Friends it was a long relaxing weekend and now I'm "Back in the saddle" so to speak....  I did miss the Blog and my Blog friends, but like the weekends I vowed to not touch a computer the entire time I was away, and I didn't!!

Since this Blog did start out because of stitching, and it seems to me that I rarely post stitching stuff, I am happy to be able to devote this Post to only stitchin.....  I heard from Jayne over at "Jaynes Stitching Tales" that the ornament I made for her had arrived so it will be the first thing I will show. I made it for the HOE Prairie Schooler Ornament Exchange....

... It is "Snow Day" from Book 177 "January."  It was a really fun piece to make and so reminded me of growing up in Maryland and the Snow Days we had and all the sledding we did, usually using saucer sleds made out of metal, I think aluminum.  You soap up the bottom and they would fly like the wind down the "big hill" of snow - that bottomed out into giant fields so you could keep going and going

I worked quite a bit on the Winter sampler I started last week and have gotten all the words finished....

.... if you remember I am making this a bit bigger than charted to fit the antique frame I have, so I had to tweak the letters/words as I went along.  It is stitching up a bit faster than I thought it would so I pulled together another project - another sampler and all beautifully Fall.....called "Feast of Friendship" I pulled a great piece of my ever dwindling pile of BoaF linen "Barn Owl" and all the over dyed floss and so it's ready to go whenever I am.  

That's about it for today sports fans, I have a ton of emails to send.  Thanks for stopping by, do stop again.... only 13 more sleeps until I leave for France....!!

Take care,


  1. Both the ornament and the sampler are lovely. I look forward to seeing Feast of Friendship.

  2. I love the little ornie...my son is hoping it will snow this year so he can use his sledge which he carefully built last year but no snow could be found lol! That is going to be a very n ice sampler.

  3. Beautiful stitching..both are very pretty ...
    Hugs x

  4. Beautiful stitching! You must be so excited about France!

  5. Dearest Edgar: Love the ornament it is never to early or late to stitch an ornamnet.
    Love the Winter Sampler, and what a great choice Feast fo Frinedship.
    I finally have my new frame to start stitching the needlework I won from you, wish me luck I have already found a framer who will stretch and frame it for me when I am done.

  6. A great sampler and such a pretty ornament you sent in the exchange.

  7. Beautiful stitching as always. I love the ornament!

  8. Edgar, I love love love that fabric for the new piece you are doing. I have a pattern that calls for Picture This Plus Linen but it's pricey and I'll have to buy silk but I can't wait to stitch it once I buy the materials because I've always wanted to stitch on overdyed fabric (and with silk for that matter, I own three skeins of silk, sad isn't it?).

  9. Love your ornament, PS designs are so wonderful. Great progress on "baby"

  10. Thank you Edgar ... not one chart but TWO that I had to rush over & put into my 123 Stitch cart! You are quite the enabler today : )

  11. Hi Edgar. The ornament is charming. I have fond memories of sledding too...

    You are making great progress on Baby It's Cold Outside. I need to get mine framed...

    I bet you are getting excited about your trip to France!!!

  12. Love the stitching snaps - as always. Can't wait to see your Feast of Friendship come to life! I have that one in the pile o stash.

  13. You always do the such fun ornaments! I love it. Looks like you are moving right along on the sampler too. Great job!