Friday, September 13, 2013

Some Puppy and Framing Snaps

Gentle Friends since it's Friday it's gotta be a puppy snap day.... I was in the Castro last weekend and ran into a group of folks adopting out some sweet "puppies."  I also had my camera along withe ma and got these snaps....

...  he was a real hit and although it doesn't look like it he was really a bouncy little guy...

... this sweet little guy was totally worn out, I think it had been a big day for them all - and the weather was on the warm side...

... and here is a great little "Chug"....  a chihuahua / pug mix, a little older than most of the other dogs, but totally a love-bug!!  - and - if I hadn't had the who hound heard at home waiting he would have come home with me!!!  
- and -

... here's a snap of her Majesty The Peach perched on her "beds"... (there are three there)  she likes being up and comfy, I think Smokie ran by as I was taking the picture and of course that beats me for interest every time!

I took a few pieces in for framing and I picked a couple up last night...  sorry about the reflection of the glass..

...This piece was a "Group Travelling Pattern" that took part in, if I remember correctly it is stitched using Belle Soie and stitched on a piece of 36ct linen.  I was hesitant to used mat board, I generally do not like it with cross stitch, but this is such a small piece that it needed it for bulk.  I really like the added texture of the gold frame.

This piece is an older BBD Loose Feather design that I finished in July of 2011, It is stitched it on 32ct BoaF "Meadowlark" using my Belle Soie conversion, it's a great little piece.  I really like the plain black frame and to make it pop a little I had them add the gold fillet insert.

That about wraps up the week, only two more sleeps and I'm off to France, so I'll not be posting for a couple of weeks.  I'll be back up and Posting the week of the 30th, just in time for my big "5" "0."

Take care,


  1. Have a wonderful trip, see ya soon!!!

  2. Your framer did a superb job, he gold filet really does lift the back frame.
    Have a wonderful relaxing and enjoyable time away..

  3. Oh those CHI babies!!! I would have had a hard time not taking them but I do have many, many here already.

    Great stitching, as always. Enjoy your time away.

  4. Oh Edgar I hope you have the trip of a lifetime. I'm so excited for you....please eat and drink everything you shouldn't!! BIG HUGS

  5. Sweet little hounds--must have been hard to come home without all of them! Love your frames. Normally I don't do matting either, but on the small ones, it does keep them from disappearing on the walls. Love your treatment of Blessings--I just sent my finished Blessings off to be framed--my frame will be red. Love the gold filet and wish I had done it for mine!

  6. Thank you for all the cute pictures and the gorgeous stitches! I love the gold frame on that one. And your fabrics are beautiful, where do you get all your gorgeous stuff? Safe travels and have fun in France!

  7. Have a safe trip and a super duper vacation.

  8. I love your framed pieces--very pretty!
    Do have a fun trip and I hope you'll choose to visit Giverny while you're there! Maybe you'll find some fabulous French cross stitch to dazzle us with!!! We'll all be waiting to see/hear about it!

  9. Edgar, the framed pieces are really lovely.

    Have a Wonderful Trip to France! *sigh* I'm sure it will be FAB!

  10. Adorable pooches...lovely stitching. So what time do I meet you for the flight? Oh, that's right, I am not flying to France!!!!

  11. Lovely pics .
    Have a great holiday x

  12. A great post, very cute dogs and great projects all framed! Have a wonderful trip. We will be anxiously awaiting your photos!!

  13. Dearest Edgar: Love the puppie pics, how on earth did you walk away without bringing one of these sweet little things home?
    Love the frames you chose they are lovely and do such a beautiful job of framing your beautiful works.

  14. Cute puppies and beautiful framed pieces. I usually don't like mat board either but in this case it was a good choice. :)
    Take care

  15. What sweet pups! So adorable! Love your framing too! Have a wonderful wonderful time in France!!! Safe travels, and happy early birthday too!

  16. Edgar, the puppies are just adorable - all Princesses (sp?) need more than one bed! Your stitching is wonderful. I especially love the BBD Blessings Be Thine. It is definitely on my list to stitch. I hope you have an amazing trip. Take good care.

  17. Love that pop of gold on the BBD piece. It came out beautifully!

  18. Superb job by the framer, especially like the traveling pattern piece. I've not worked with Belle Soie but the colours look gorgeous.
    Snap on the age - had mine back in February and thoroughly recommend it!

  19. The stitching looks great! Perfect frames. Have the best time in France.

  20. I would have had to bring one of those little puppies home, they are all so cute. The frame on the BBD is beautiful. I have mine all stitched just need to frame it.
    Have a safe and wonderful trip.

  21. Lovely! Would you mind sharing the name of your framer? I live in the Bay Area and used to take my pieces to Jan at Urban Forest, but she is no longer in business. Thanks!

  22. What an awesome 5-0 present. I am hoping for something fabulous for my 5-0 this fall as well. I love your traveling piece. I still have to get mine framed. Your b.b.d. is stunning!

  23. Beautiful finishes! I love the frames you chose.
    Have a wonderful trip!

  24. Adorable pups, and even framing--a great post!

    Bon voyage; see you after the 30th!

  25. Sweetie doggies and even lovelier stitcheries :)Perfectly done Edgar, as always!

  26. Edgar I sent an email with Paris cross stitch stores I hope you got it. Also Sajou just opened an amazing retail store. I found the info on Facebook.
    Maison Sajou
    4 hours ago
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    Nous vous accueillons du lundi au vendredi de 10 h à 18 h.
    47, rue du Caire - 75002 Paris
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    Venez nous voir !