Thursday, September 12, 2013

Thrifting Thursday

Gentle Friends as usual over the weekend we did our shopping and hit some of the regular shops and even a couple of Estate Sales.  Here in SF there are quite a few Antique Shops, and there used to be a few Antique Malls.  Now, we have only two smallish Antique Malls left, I guess the high prices for store space has driven them out of the city. With all that build up here's the few treasures I brought home....

... I picked up a couple of DVD's at the Goodwill, how could I go on without the Simpson's "Christmas 2" and a "Bugs Life" is a cute little film from Pixar.  The early 19th century teacup I found at a thrift shop marked $1.70, they were having a 1/2 price sale and got it for less than 1/2... .75 cents.  I was stunned, but happy.  I picked up the sterling dish at the Antique mall along with the demitasse spoon.  Both the bowl and spoon were made by Whiting.  The bowl is in the Poppy Pattern and the spoon is Heraldic.  The spoon is also a souvenir spoon from a college in Kentucky I have never heard of, but I collect his pattern and it is rare to see it anywhere.

That's about it for today sports fans.  Thanks for stopping by do stop again.......  4 more sleeps!!

Take care,


  1. Love that mug! We have lots of the Disney Pixar films, but on video. lol! I need to start collecting them on DVD.

  2. The Bugs Life brings back memories! My 18 year old son (who wont thank me for sharing this) had a toy Flick he went to be with..he went everywhere with the end it was so tatty and worn the antennae fell off and had to be taped on rofl xx Sweet memories

  3. Wonderful shopping. I love the cup and the spoon. I have a large collection of demitasse spoons. What was the school? I lived in Louisville for several years.

  4. You find some wonderful stuff. The cup looks like the Spode Blue Italian design. I've got a dinner service in it that I inherited. It is my pride and joy. People touch it on pain of death ;D