Thursday, September 5, 2013

Thursday Thrifting

Gentle Friends here in the City by the Bay we are in finally having our Summer - were the weather warms up a bit and no jacket or sweater is needed.  We have had great sunny days with the temps reaching into the upper 70's every day - sweltering.  By the early evening the wind usually picks up and some cool air blows in from the Pacific so we still have our cool nights.

Saturday we ran around and even hit a smallish estate sale and I was able to pick up some pretty inexpensive things that I just couldn't live without......

... here are the treasures... notice not a DVD or Blu Ray, there were none to buy that I didn't already have :)
From  l to r - I picked up the "Kon Tiki" book at the Estate Sale, written by Erik Hesselberg (1914–1972) who was the navigator and artist. He painted the large Kon-Tiki figure on the raft's sail. This children's book Kon-Tiki and I appeared in Norwegian in 1949 and has since been published in more than 15 languages.  What is really odd is I had just seen the film "Kon Tiki" - 2012 - a few days before I found the book, and I would highly recommend the film!!

It was a fascinating journey that I had known very little about,before watching the film and have read lots about it since then.  I was really happy to find the book and see the journey from his point of view.

Moving on...  the little grey thing with a mesh filter is a new "My K Cup" is the reusable filter to be used with the Keurig machine - we really enjoy Stumptown Coffee, a coffee roaster from Portland Oregon, and so we like to make our own "K cups" out of that coffee.  We already had one of theses things and I was thinking about getting another one, but they run about $18 and I found this one at a thrift store for .75, now you can't beat that price!!

I picked up the Myott vegetable bowl in the "Heritage " pattern for a couple of dollars, you know me and transfer ware.  The three books are just going to be so me interesting reading.  I have already read a good chunk of the Keno's book and it is just a good as I had thought it would be.  I really enjoy them on Antiques Roadshow.

There you go sports fans, a few fun things, I think that will wrap up the day.  Thanks again fro stopping by do stop again!!

Take care,


  1. Some great finds, what a pretty little dish. Can you believe they charge $18 for one of those silly little filters? They charge a mint if you need a new mesh thingy too! I will trade you your summer for ours, it's supposed to be triple digits at my house today, and humid. Ugh.

  2. Nice finds! I need to watch that Kon Tiki. And the books look great!

  3. Great finds and the bowl/plate is wonderful!
    I remember when I had the book "Kon Tiki" in my hands I read the night thru.
    Greetings from Germany