Monday, September 9, 2013

A Little Chocolate

Gentle Friends usually on Mondays I talk about a film or do a catch up on some stitching I working on.  Well, although I have seen a few films recently there is really nothing to talk about there... and for stitching the pieces I have at the framers are not completed and for actual stitching I am working on an exchange piece I am trying to complete before I take off to France for two weeks..... so that leaves me without a Monday Posting.... except, I did bump into a couple of treats over the weekend...... chocolate treats!!

I found this "Wild Ophelia" bar at Walgreen's and was immediately drawn into its delicious dark chocolate web of tasty inclusion.....  BBQ chips!!  "How Interesting" I thought, and so I snatched it up off the shelf and it came home with me.

Inside a broken bar you can see the chips and to me the addition of BBQ chips was interesting, but not a great addition.  I did like the nuance of BBQ smokiness but the extra crunchy bits was not a great as I had thought they would be - there is a whole line of WO bars and I think I will try next the New Orleans "Chili" and then move on to the "Sweet Cherry Pecan" just for comparison sakes don't you know!!  I know I will skip the granola as I really do not like the stuff and can not imagine that even with it being enrobed with delicious dark chocolate that it will improve the basic "outdoorsy crunch" that granola inevitably has.

The second bar is far more delicious, at least to me.....

 ....  this bar by "Chocolove XOXOX" has a bit less cocoa content at 65% than the WO bar but the inclusion is so much better....

.... big hunks of crystallized ginger, I love me some crystallized ginger.  A little sweet heat for your tongue!!!  I love just about anything with ginger in it, and the addition of crystallized ginger was a stroke of genius in my book!!  I have seen these bars a different places, but I picked this one up down on 24th Street at the Whole Foods Market.  

That's about it for today sports fans.  Thanks for stopping by do stop again!  Only 7 more sleeps until I leave for la belle France!!

Take care,


  1. Did you know that chocolate is good any time of the day? Love chocolate before bed, middle of the day, first thing in the morning, as a snack......

  2. I am with you about the crystallized ginger ... I always have some on hand in the Spice Islands jar. I have even been known to use the crystallized ginger when I run out of fresh for marinades and stir frys. And I love the combination of crystallized ginger and dark chocolate.

  3. Choccie and ginger, perfect combination.

  4. Oh wow, both look so good! I like Chocolove bars, but have not tried the other brand. I have to look for them!

  5. Oh Yum! I will be looking for that Dark Chocolate Ginger bar.

    Now if the chocolate melts and I have plain chips...and dip then...that is altogether different than bits of chip in a bar of chocolate. (this is Alabama and in the summer sometimes we have a melted "oops" to contend with. I try to make the best of it.)

  6. I just love your candy advise!!

  7. Putting crisps in chocolate sounds a bit weird to me, I wonder who thinks up these combinations? Ginger on the other hand was just made to be wrapped in chocolate

  8. Very unusual chocolate. Have a great time in France.

  9. Love! I have to find that ginger one!! Have you had one with Bacon yet?

  10. Sound interesting. Especially the ginger one sounds like a must-try