Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Some Stitchin' and Florida Side Trips Pt 1

Gentle Readers and Dear Friends I thought I would start off the post today with some stitching stuff....

I took part in a couple of HOE Exchanges - one of them was the "Prairie School Seasonal Exchange."  With the stitchers stitching the partners choice of season. I stitched and Autumnal piece for Angela 
- here is a snap - 

- My stitching partner was Faye.  She stitched for me a wonderful needle book 
- and here are a couple of snaps - 

 This is the outside cover

and on the inside she included some size 28 needles (my favorites) and some lovely pins she made.  I love this special piece and it looks great in my stitching basket.

I also took part in the "Snowman" Ornament Round.  Today is the mailing day and mine goes out this morning, but my stitching partner Meari sent mine early - and here is a snap - 

How cute is he!!  I love the little snowflake embellishments!!  Thank you both for these lovelies!!  It is wonderful experiences getting and giving like these that keep me exchanging!!!!

Also on the stitching front is some recently acquired stash....

From l to r an older BBD Pattern and a "Florida" Tree chart I picked up in Florida... a cute Blacksheep Pyn Cushion chart, the "Bliss" sampler, an older Heartstring sampler and the Summer Mystery Sampler - as you can see all the "non" progress I have made on this piece.  I think I will wait until all three pieces come out before I start - I chose 35ct Confederate Grey for the linen - it is a really great colour.

Now on to Some Florida stuff - I think I will break up the FL posts over the next few days.  Today I wanted to talk about the trips within the trip - or - the side trips.  Starting off with a Birthday dinner for my mom down at our cousins house in Ponce Inlet.  They live right on the Halifax river, they boat a lot.  Here is a snap from their dock looking west towards the river - 

You step out of their house onto the pool deck and then down to this dock - it is really beautiful and breezy.  This is actually a man made inlet the feeds into the river in the distance.  Here is a snap of all of us taken by a neighbor - 

From l to r is...  my sister, PA (Gordon's wife), me, my mom, Gordon, Scotty (Howard's wife) and Howard - Gordon and Howard are brothers and 1st cousins once removed. You can see the great pool on the right and the sunset reflected in the window.  It was a great evening and super fun to get together!!  We drove home along A1A and the summer evening with the top down was just "delicious!!!"  (no other way to describe the early evening!!)

 Another side trip I went on was a visit to Ocala.  I moved from there to SF almost 18 years ago.  When I lived there I worked as a Curator at the Appleton Museum - on this trip I wanted to revisit and also stop off at a stitching shop.  Here are a couple of snaps...
This is Brick City CS - a great small shop between Silver Springs and Ocala.  It was well worth a visit as they where really nice and I needed a couple of things.

This is the Appleton Museum and if you are ever get close enough well worth a visit.  I stopped here for a few hours and met up with some people I worked with all those years ago - it was lots of fun!!  I then had a very late lunch and headed back to Daytona Beach.  It is very easy drive to get to Ocala  - it is a straight shot on SR 40 - and takes about an hour to get there.  On the way back I just had to take a snap of this in Barberville-

When I was driving over I almost wrecked the car when I saw this giant pink chicken - and knew I would have to stop and get a snap for the Blog!!

I think I'll wrap it up for today.  Stop back tomorrow for Part 2 of "Florida Side Trips."  Thanks for stopping by today - and for your super comments!!!

Take care,


  1. Love your PS exchange, fabulous. The Florida trip pics are wonderful, you must have had such a good time and the sun always shines, I am envious:))
    Look forwart to your BOF Mystery, it's lovely to stitch:)

  2. Meari did a great job on the exchange piece.

    Love the Florida pics.

  3. Glad to hear you had a great time on your Florida trip. The Florida sun is just a big dose of happiness! Enjoy all of your new stash. I am also considering buying the BOF Mystery.

  4. I'm glad you liked the snowman. I think I'll have to do another one for myself, lol.

    Nice PS exchange, too.

    I really enjoyed reading about your FL trip.

  5. great exchanges sent & rec'd! and gotta love that pink chicken! love it!!!!

  6. What a great pink chicken! lol! Loved seeing the pics of your family and all. Love all the exchanges and the stash too!

  7. Oh the needlebook is soooo sweet! Great finishing on it.

    You are a lucky one for such treasures.

    Your trip pics are really nice. Great memories.

    Feathers in the Nest

  8. PS exchange is awesome! Love the autumn colors in PS designs! Love your snowman ornie too! So cute! Thanks for sharing the Florida pics. Some great memories for you.

  9. Wonderful exchanges Edgar!!
    Glad you had a nice time here!
    It is still as hot as hades so your not missing that part lol

  10. I've yet to make it to Brick City (I only live about an hour or so south of there, lol), but am planning to go before the year is out.

    Love the picks of the Inlet! So beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

  11. I really love the piece you stitched for the exchange. I love the fall. Which we don't get much in So. CA. You received nice gifts back, cute snowman.
    Looks like you had fun on the trip can't wait to hear more.
    Teresa's Heartfelt Stitches

  12. Beautiful exchange pieces! Really nice stash. I am going to do the mystery sampler when all the pieces arrive, so it won't be a mystery to me. Sounds like you all had a great visit.

  13. All the exchange pieces are wonderful.

  14. Glad you like the PS Needlebook and pins~~ I enjoyed making it for you.....Great stash btw...trying to hold off on the mystery sampler until they all come out also....Glad you enjoyed your fabulous trip!! Faye

  15. What a lovely piece you stitched for the PS exchange. LOVE that needlebook you received. Same for the cute snowman.
    Your new stash is gorgeous. Love the picture of you and your family and the pink chicken is

  16. Great exchange pieces!
    Thanks for sharing your Florida pictures, it looks lovely (and takes my mind off the rain we are having!)

  17. Wow great exchange pieces sent and received...I loved looking at all your photos...especially your family group...perfect!!

  18. That needlecase is beautiful. I've been thinking that I need to make myself one someday. I like the pocket and everything. Sounds like you had a great time in FL.

  19. Hi, I am Gabi in Germany. While surfing I found your blog and the report about your Florida trip. It brought back memories and I remember the short time I spend there together with my mom.
    Stitchers greetings, Gabi

  20. You know us so well! My favorite pic is the giant pink chicken!!! Fab-u-lous! Love your cousin's view from the dock. Your exhchanges are gorgeous.

  21. My daughter and her family just moved from Ocala to Durham, closer to me in Virginia Beach. They had been in Ocala for about 3 years and Gainesville for about 5 before that, and knew the area. But only this winter did she find that cross stitch store, because she got hooked while on vacation with me last Christmas! Funny! Loving your pictures! Hugs.

  22. Hey Edger saw your new stash... Come join me and others on yahoo groups for the "Birds of a Feather" summer mystery sampler stitch-along with NiaH. I've got half of part 1 done and part 2 just came out today. NIAH_SAL_SummerMysterySampler/

  23. Edgar, I live in Florida, but do not have a local LNS. What is the name of the designer of the Florida tree pattern---would love to stitch one up. Love reading your blog. Your stitching is lovely and I adore your sampler wall.