Tuesday, May 10, 2011

A Weekend Post - With a Bunch of Snaps

Gentle Readers and Dear Friends thanks for stopping by for the weekend post.  We were not very busy doing anything in particular, but there where some high points.

We started off the weekend on Friday evening with a trip down to China Town.  We hadn't been in a long while so it was time to revisit.  One of the nicest things about this city is how quickly you can get anywhere.  Being a peninsula and only about 7 x 7 miles everything is tight and easily accessible.  We stopped off  to pick up Martin and then a 10 minute drive found us parked in the Sutter street parking garage.  Once out of the garage we walked up Grant street.....

 - notice the tour buses - they seem to run all the time everywhere.  The buses can't go down Grant Street - which is the heart of China Town.  The entrance to CT is this really ornate gate...

In many of the most heavily trafficked tourist areas are shops that deal in some of the most "ornate" pieces of furniture.  So, if you are going for that Versailles look - there are lots of choices....

We weren't just wandering around looking for a place to eat - we had a destination in mind.  We were not going to our usual CT place - "The Empress of China" - a restaurant that we like to take visitors to.  It is a lovely place on the pricey side, but the views are beautiful.  Since we live here all we wanted was a good dinner we didn't need a view.  

Walking along Grant I took some other snaps...
and then we made it to our destination.... Snow Garden.

This very unassuming place has some really terrific food.  Since there was three of us we had the "dinner for two" with an additional plate...lemon chicken.  Here's a snap of dinner...

After enjoying a tasty meal we walked around for a while -  in and out of the shops.  We also passed Old St. Mary's.  A lovely older church from the early days of SF.

and here is a side view showing the downstairs church shop....

It was a nice dinner and visit.

On Saturday  - no shopping - none at all.  Just ran some errands and stayed in for the rest of the afternoon watching films.

Sunday found us at early Mass and then on to breakfast at Eddie's.  After breakfast we trotted on over to the Farmers market and found that some of the summer fruits are starting to come in.....

 and the flowers where very pretty......


We finished up and came home.  I whipped up this little treat....

 I found this 1st Prize Winning - Pineapple Upside-Down Cake recipe on line.  very simple and really tasty!!

There you go sports fans.  I also did quite a bit of stitching, but on things I can not show yet.  Thanks for stopping by and for your super comments.  I do appreciate them!!

Take care,


  1. Snow Garden reminds me of the chinese restaurant the family in the movie "A Christmas Story" had to go to for their Christmas Eve dinner - LOL! The food looked wonderful! I would love to visit SF one day and I know exactly who I would get to be my tour guide - HUGS!

  2. I enjoyed your photos of China Town! It looks like a fun place to visit. The food from Snow Garden looks delicious - YUM! Our summer fruits are starting to come in too. We bought some local strawberries over the weekend, and talk about delicious! The flowers are beautiful too. Such a fun time of year!

  3. Oh I want to go to Chinatown!!! I love dim sum especially! Lucky you that it's so easy to go. I really envy you the SF lifestyle. That cake looks yummy too!

  4. Oh what I wouldn't give for good Chinese food! That wonton soup looks so yummy. The stuff they make here is dismal! They make it with really thick weird noodly stuff and not the lovely thin rice noodle wrap. I can buy those at Whole Foods so I think I can feel a wonton making session coming on! Do you think it could be an East Coast/West Coast thing? I know when we go home to Calgary for a visit I eat my weight in good wonton soup.

  5. Great, now I am craving Chinese.

  6. I love the pictures. It has been a couple of years since I was in SF....Enjoyed myself tremendously. I hate even to ask what the French piece of furniture cost in the window.

  7. Hi Edgar! Thanks for sharing your photos. I would LOVE to visit the U.S one day. My grandson married an American girl and they live just north of San Diego. Any news of a baby and I will be there like a shot!! LOL.
    I am a big fan of Chinese food! Sydney has a China Town here, with the ornate "gates" at the entrance as well. Bye for now, Sandy.

  8. I loved the pics! I'd love to go to China Town someday. Shoot, I'd just love to make it to California! I enjoyed reading about the church, too--it's beautiful!

  9. lol @ the "Versailles Look"!

    I LOVE hole in the wall restaurants--they have the best food! :D

    I saw the words "dim sum" in Margaret's comment--darnit, now I really want to go, lol!

    We do dinner at a friends place (4 of our bachelor friends rent a house together) most Thursday nights, and the person who probably does the most cooking is Tak, the Chinese-style cooking (well, Hong Kong) king! Even old people praise his broccoli and bok choy stir frys. So, I'm spoiled in that respect.

  10. I love Chinatown! There's one in Chicago that I've been to several times.