Thursday, May 19, 2011

A Couple of Treats

Gentle Readers and Dear Friends welcome to Thursday and another beautiful day  - or at least we are told there is supposed to be a beautiful day here in the City by the Bay.  It has been in the mid 70's, bright and breezy for the last couple of days and it is supposed to stay that way for the next couple of days. I do love the change to good weather.

Yesterday Rico brought home a delicious gift from a co-worker.  We where gifted by Jose (co-worker) some super yummy pupusas.  They where home made by his wife Gloria.  Originating in El Salvador, pupusas are some deliciousness I had never heard of until I moved out here to the wild and woolly west.  To get to enjoy  this treat we will usually have to stop off a a little El Salvadorian restaurant in the Mission and get them for take out, but getting some home made was super delicious!!  We did stop off at and get the cabbage salad, rice and beans that you have to have with them.  Here is a snap.....

It is good to have friends with great culinary skills!!!!  Thank you so much Gloria and Jose!!!!

Earlier, on the way home after work we had to stop off for Rico's last follow up appointment for his Achilles heal issues.  His Doctor's office is near one of the Thrift Shops we usually stop off at on the weekends.....  well, it was still early, so after the appointment we made a quick stop.  I really didn't think there would be anything but I do like to look....  and low and behold I found a great little piece....

A really wonderful heavy piece of restaurant china.  I knew it was a piece from a restaurant just the way it looked and then I picked it up and it was thick and heavy and it was only $2 - woohoo!!  The mark on the back is this..

... and puts this little thing as being made between 1896 and 1906.  I also found out that Nathan-Dorhmann was a big china and porcelain dealer out here in SF - I had never heard of them and now I have added a little something to my knowledge of china.

Stitching last night was working some more on my HOE ornament exchange piece - so no snap, yet.

There you go sports fans.  Thanks again for stopping by and for your great comments!!  
Do stop by again.

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  1. What a great piece of china! Perfect shape and size - I could see me using that piece quite often. Congrats on the find!

  2. Not sure if his heel trouble is the same as mine. I had bad pain in the flat part of my heel and the foot doctor was trying pads for my shoe and some meds too. Was getting too pricey. A friend of mine made a board that looks like a wedge that goes from about 1 inch to about 6 inches. You stand on it for 15 mins. several times a day. You can do stretches that works too. Before getting up from sitting or laying down always stretch yours toes like you want to touch them to your shins. It worked for me. The foot doctor never advised this but it works. I know of others that it worked for too. good luck, k

  3. You enjoy the most interesting food! Reading your blog is so fun. Learning all this stuff about people and places I would surely never visit is what makes blog reading so wonderful. Not to mention all the stitching inspiration!

  4. I swear I'm gaining weight just looking at your site! I love restaurant china and collect some of it.

  5. Nice find on the china. Love the pattern.

    I hope Rico's achilles problem is improving and the report from the doctor was a good one.

  6. You do find the best things!! I wouldn't know an antique piece if it bit me in the butt. Too bad you are not still in NC- you could help me find treasures! :)Hope Rico's heel is not bothering too much. :(

  7. I love your fine china. It's lovely. Hope the doc's appt went well for Rico!!