Thursday, September 25, 2008

It's Thursday....

.....and you would think by this time in the week I would be able to get it together!!! I am so far behind in blog reading that it just isn't funny! I got a chance this morning to see whats up over at the Ornament swap and a ton has been going on - Vonna has gotten some gorgeous ornaments!!! What a talented group of stitchers those ladies are - I hope when mine arrives it can stand the test!! I totally loved the ornie I made for sweet Vonna so much that I am making me one just like it! Last night in the realm of stitching I worked on AND finished the MAW for Gabby - so that it CAN leave today - I really think it is cute and hope that she likes it when it arrives - in the next week or so. I also worked on the VoHRH some and here is a snap of the progress -

The mail yesterday was super as I received my Christmas Ornament issue and some stash
(like I needed more!!) Here is a snap -

You knew I was going to get that "Alphabet Zoo" - so when I was placing that order with Drema I thought I would also get the "Quakers and Quilts" as it was another one I HAD to have - this chart has quite a few extra bits in it and an extra chart I didn't realize was included is on the back cover - so you really get a ton with this chart!! The silk pile is me steadily stashing away the NPI for the Shores of HRH and I am getting very close to having them all... I think I am going to trot over to NIAH and check out the linen .... I also want to kit up "des Arbes" as I know I want to change the colors from the model...I need to be in front of the racks of floss to decide.

There you go - thanks for stopping by!!

Take care,


  1. Quakers and Quilts is alrteady on my next order! I fell in love with it the moment I saw it.

    Great job on VOHRH!

  2. That's my favorite square of VoHRH. I really want to stitch that pattern myself... someday!
    Your blog is amazing and your stitching leaves me absolutely speechless! You do such incredible work!

  3. Great pile of stash, Edgar!
    I'm sure your ornie for Vonna is just as fabulous as the ones she has already received - it must be, because all your work is lovely :o)
    Great progress on the Village, my friend!

  4. love your progress on VoHRH!!!

    and I love your new stash!

  5. I always get further behind as the week goes, lol ;) Great new stash and I'm sure Vonna will love the ornie you've stitched her...I know I love mine!

  6. Oh Edgar, if you are planning to stitch the alphabet zoo, I would love to join as a SAL perhaps?? I just have to get the pattern, but it´s a must for me....