Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Exchange Finishing Marathon, and a Small Drawing...

Last night I was in the throws of an exchange finishing frenzy, which will continue tonight after visiting Britex for some extra doo-dads..... so there are no snaps of any stitchy things....

This weekend while digging around looking for something else I ran across a make it yourself sampler kit I got last year. I never got around to doing anything with it so here it sits, brand new never played with -

I thought to myself that someone might want to make a their own sampler - instead of gathering dust at my house I am going to have a "BOD" drawing. So - if you would like to have this kit just leave a comment in today's comment section, you can leave a comment up until 3pm on Friday. I will have the mystic all seeing, all dancing chihuahuas do that voodoo they do so well and have a winner on next Monday - 9/22/08. Here is a snap of the inside

The kit includes: 2 full color instruction books, 3 traditional sampler charts, a piece of 14ct Aida cloth, an adjustable embroidery hoop, a thimble, 7 floss colours and a size 26 needle.

Last night was super movie night on TCM with a triple line up of chick flicks- starting off with the original "The Women" - 1939 starring MGM Divas - Norma Shearer and Joan Crawford, then it was "Stage Door"- 1937 with RKO Divas - Katherine Hepburn and Ginger Rodgers - the evening ended - or I should say my evening ended with "Little Women" - 1933 again with Katherine Hepburn. Three super-dee-duper flicks!! I was in hog heaven!!!

Just a reminder that the I am still taking sign ups for the SBBC 2009 - until next Friday 9/26/08. Just send an email to - edgar matt @ g mail . com (take out the spaces).

Thanks for stopping by!!

Take care,


  1. Hi Edgar, I really enjoy your blog. You do some beautiful stitching. Also love your movie bits. This kit looks so interesting! Please enter me in your contest. (of course I need another project!) Thanks, Hope the doggies do their voodoo! Nancy in NY

  2. Hi Edgar!
    As always, I enjoy your blog.
    We also seem to have the same taste in movies! i watched The Women, and Stage Door last night also.
    I would love to win your sampler kit! Please enter me in your drawing.

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  4. Edgar I really like your blog! I've been reading it for a couple hours after finding it at Stitching Bloggers Links.

  5. hi! I have been reading your blog for quite a while and decided to stop being a quite observer!
    I LOVE your work! and I would love to be entered in your drawing!

  6. Winning anything is always good! I don't feel like my day is complete without checking in to see what you're working on. It is always an inspiration to me to keep stitching and trying new designers. We've been on an old Disney flick marathon with the latest being "The Happiest Millionaire" and "Lt. Robinson Crusoe, USN." Both enjoyable to watch.

  7. Hi Edgar

    I also have been enjoying your blog for the last while! and have been inspired by your stitching and your movie recommendations! Had never seen PaperMoon before.... Seriously, I need to get out more I think! it is such a GOOD movie!

    anyways nothing like a contest to draw us lurkers out of the woodwork and I would love to be entered!
    thank you

  8. What an interesting kit! Looks like it would be to play around with!

  9. I enjoy viewing all of your projects. Please enter my name in the drawing. Marie W.

  10. hiya Edgar i would love to recieve your kit if i am the winning recipient i would be soo very gratefull i cant belive you watched little women the version i am about to watch is from 1949 with June Allyson and Elisabeth Taylor its on tcm2

  11. Hi Edgar, I would love to go into the BOD for the drawing, fingers crossed those mystic, ever seeing chihuahua's paw my little name out.
    LISA V

  12. Hi Edgar, could you contact me about Carol's Halloween RR at sylvyrdragon08 @ yahoo.com (no spaces). Just checking to see how and when you sent it, thanks

    Now about the beautiful work on your blog. I read it almost everyday, I love your work, so beautiful and after seeing what you stitch up close I am very impressed..!!

  13. Hello, Edgar! I do love your blog and seeing all of your WIPs and finishes -- we seem to have a similar taste in old movies.
    I'd love this kit -- not for myself - but my daughter's 15 year old friend whom I taught to stitch two years ago.
    Have a lovely day!

  14. I would love to be entered into your draw. That kit looks so cool

  15. How Funny! I just saw the new version of "The Women" on Saturday. I dragged my friend. The new one was pretty good. Very similar to the original but more modern...not to mention any straight girl will be drooling over the clothes, shoes and the handbags! So watch for the new version on Netflix!

  16. Hi Edgar that little box is sooooooo cute.

  17. That's a gorgeous kit and very generous of you to offer it for a giveaway. I am amazed with your finishing and beautiful photos.