Friday, September 12, 2008

Cheryl's RR Start, a movie and some glass...

I made a start on Cheryl's RR last night. It was a long time getting to me, and has been on the back burner a long time, but I have finally gotten to it. I have modified a pattern to fit in the square called Forest Snowfall and I think it will look great when finished. Here is a snap -

This picture just bites - as I had to lighten it up quite a bit. I am using the recommended floss'. The plan is to have this ready, along with the HOE Prairie Schooler Exchange, for mailing on Tuesday.

Last night the movie was "The Thief Lord" - 2006 - which was a mediocre production of a really great book by Cornelia Funke. I really enjoyed the book when I read it and didn't even know of a movie until just a short time ago. I had high hopes for this movie since Ms Funke's prose is so good I thought it would be an easy transition to film, boy was I mistaken. It was a well filmed but poorly acted film...with a couple of bright moments brought by Vanessa Redgrave in a cameo the piece was pretty dismal. Read the book skip the movie.

It is our final day of Chihuly snaps - so here we go -

The exhibit had two boats filled with all these glass shapes -

This was in the final exhibit the "Glass Garden" and was the main feature at one end.

This was in the very final room right before the "Glass Garden" and was the ceiling called "Persian Pieces" - it was really interesting to walk through and empty room with the only light being from above these glass pieces and filtered onto the patrons.

Another sensuous gorgeous double bowl piece.

Another week and here we are at the weekend!! Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. Gorgeous snaps, Edgar... the stitching and the glass!

    I cannot imagine what the glass looks like in person.. it looks so amazing on screen. I wonder how in the world they transport those pieces safely. They are so intricate and don't look to be conducive to sitting on their side. Heh.

  2. Those glass pieces are just amazing. I have always wanted to try "glass-craft" the realm of stained glass or making glass beads. Haven't found the time or money to do it yet though. I don't work well with fire related items so I may be better off stitcking with the good ole needle and thread.

  3. great picts.. love the house you adapted. i know what you mean about reading a book and then finding a film of it and its normally a big let down.. i read the jane austen book club i enjoyed the book thoroughly but when it came to the film they could have done so much better.. the same with flowers in the attic that film was rubbish the book was great.

  4. I've been loving the chihuly (I hope I got that spelled right!) pictures over the past few days...they are so colorful! Thanks for sharing!

  5. I've been following not only your stitching but your visit to the Chihuly exhibit - it's absolutely magical! thank you so much for sharing this with us. If he ever comes to Holland I'll be sure to visit!

  6. Edgar thank you so much for the Chiluly pieces. I have seen the incredible ceiling in the Bellagio in Las Vegas and thought it was stunning but these pieces are even more spectacular. What a treat it has been to see them through your eyes. I so wish I had seen them.

  7. Thanks for all the Chihuly pics! We've seen his work in several locations and are fans as well.

  8. I enjoyed looking at all of your Chihuly photos; thanks for posting them! I went to an exhibit of his several years ago at the St. Louis Art Museum and it was SO neat :)