Wednesday, September 19, 2007

VOHRH a little stitching

I did very little stitching last night as I went out to dinner with a friend and we got to talking and then went to a recently opened Halloween store. They had the creepiest looking rats and crows on GGE (Gods Green Earth)!!! So after I got home pretty late I only had a short time to put needle to linen. Here is a snap of the progress.

I was wondering how if anyone could answer or give a suggestion as to how to handle the silks for VOHRH. There are 55 different colours of silk that are used and it seems there has to be a way to organize and keep these straight. If you have a way to organize lots of silks that is good (I think my way sort of stinks) let me know what you do. I might let you know later on how I do but not just yet, as I think it is not very efficient!!

I did not mean to come across yesterday that I did not like the movie "Artimesia." I just think that if the real story is there you should probably follow it closer than just make things up. I thought the movie was visually gorgeous and very entertaining. It is just her life was so interesting that there was no need to fabricate a new yarn around the preexisting life.

It is hump day and so the big slid to the weekend!!

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  1. I store all of my flosses in Floss-away bags on rings. Each project gets its own ring, then I have the master ring for unused flosses. I found the bags to be useful for keeping those extra bits of floss that were too big to throw away, but would be too small to wind on a bobbin. Plus, I think I read somewhere you shouldn't wind silk on a bobbin since it could possibly damage/crimp the fibers.

  2. About the audio book I mentioned. It seems I was wrong. It is the true account, not fictional account of Artemisia’s life. I went to Wikipedia to check my facts. It is a very good book to listen to.

    Also, I want to share one of my Flickr photos with you. It's called: "Project Storage – Hints for Edgar".

    Hope you like it!

  3. I keep all my NPI in Floss-away bags with the color number written on the front of the bags. When I worked on VOHRH I kept all my required silk colors on a hugh binder ring. When I started a new block, I just removed the colors I needed for that block and put them on a smaller binder ring. Then I only had to deal with what I currently needed. :-)

  4. You have some great ideas here in the comments, Edgar. I've recently been using the binder rings for some of my projects, one project in my embroidery basket. Floss-away bags are great. I've also used snack-sized zip-loc bags as access to the grocery store is much better than my lns. :D