Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Rotation stitching Monday

I am trying to stick to my rotation and so I stitched on VOHRH last night while watching, you guessed it a movie. The movie last night was "How to Steal a Million," 1966, starring Peter O'Toole and Audrey Hepburn, more on that later. The progress on VOHRH is here in a snap...

I almost finished the roof on the forge but came to the end of the floss and it was late so left it to tonight.

I also mentioned that I was going to finish the fall flat fold ( how's that for alliteration!! :) ) and here is a snap with some pumpkins from Half Moon Bay.

Half Moon Bay is famous for the Pumpkin Festival that is coming up around the 13th of next month. There will be about 2 gazillion people descending on this little community, but it is always lots of fun, I am told. Since huge crowds do not appeal to me I will not be attending.

I got the directions for the "Focus on Finishing" site, excellent spot for the newbie to finishing!! I learned a lot from doing this. As I am really not the crafty type the end result is pretty good for the first time out. I will know in future to NOT use foam core board and to double up on the batting when using the thin kind. They will get better with time, but this one looks alright for the fall and I'll haul it out for a decoration for years to come I am sure. :)

The movie last night was pretty entertaining Audrey and Peter were directed by William Wyler, one of my favorite directors very slick and really wonderfully shot in Paris, worth a look if you have not seen it yet.

That's about it for today, thanks for stopping by and for the super comments!!!!

Take care,


  1. VOHRH is coming along nicely. Like that flatfold! :)

  2. Your flatfold looks great! LOVE that pumpkin pattern!!!

  3. OOPS, LOVE the fall leaves (I like the pumpkins too, but realize there aren't any in your flatfold!)

  4. We moved from Cupertino to Half Moon Bay in 1981. The Pumpkin Festival was still a bit of a small town event. Yes, there were crowds, but if you were local you knew where to park and enjoy the vendors. Later, as it got increasingly crazy, we tried to be out of town on that weekend. I'm glad it brings in revenue for local vendors, but it's really out of control. What I miss more are the local rose growers who sell roses at a deeply discounted price.

  5. Your flatfold looks really good - very nice pattern choice. "Focus on Finishing" is the greatest thing since sliced bread -- as far as I'm concerned ;-)
    I just found your blog and will be back to visit lots more times, I'm sure.
    Happy Stitching,
    Nancy in PA

  6. I get queasy at the thought of finishing things myself, Edgar! So huge congrats on your first flatfold. One of these days I'm going to try one, lol!

    Had to smile at your admission in a previous post that you actually like the rain - my oldest son loves inclement weather. I'm always teasing him that he needs to find a job in Seattle! :D