Tuesday, September 18, 2007

VOHRH border stitching

Last night was VOHRH stitching and since I had finished the square for September I kept on with the border stitching.
This allowed me to watch two movies I had gotten from Greencine. Here is a snap of the borders as they stand now.

Sorry about the poor picture but you get the idea and the borders they grow.

The two movies were "Artimesia,"1997 and "Richard III,"1995.

"Artimesia" is about the painter Artemisia Gentileschi (1593-1653). She was a Roman painter from the school of Caravaggio. Her father was the painter Orazio Gentileschi (1563 - 1639). The movie was pretty good but had many if not most of the major points of her life wrong. It is a foreign film with French being the language spoken, but is subtitled in English.

"Richard III" is the play by Shakespeare but redone and set in a Fascist England. Excellent production!! Ian McKellen is just superb as Richard and leads an all star cast including Annette Benning, Nigel Hawthorne, Robert Downey Jr, Maggie Smith, Jim Broadbent and others. Although the entire play is not presented nor is what presented correct in the timeline of history.....
the character of Richard is so well crafted that you really see
how self serving and unscrupulous he really was,
as presented by Shakespeare.
I have always enjoyed this version on film and would highly recommend it to anyone.

That's about it for today, Thanks for stopping by!!

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  1. That is looking Beautiful. You are doing an excellent stitching job! I will definitely take your recommendation on the Richard III, I love Ian McKellen and the rest of the cast sounds terrific..

  2. Ooooh, if you didn’t like the movie Artemisia you might like the unabridged audio book “The Passion of Artemisia” by Susan Vreeland. It’s basically the fictional story of her life as seen thru her eyes. It’s 9 ½ hours which is nice when you want to kick back and get some stitching done.

    Keep plugging away at those boarders!!!!


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