Thursday, September 13, 2007

VOHRH Free Stitch

I worked once again on VOHRH. You know how you get when you are working on something and it just keeps calling to you to finish up....?? That's what Village is doing to me. I set my own goal of a square a month...but if I can get ahead on this as some squares I think are going to be waaaay harder than others. This first square that I started on is mostly just words and that works up really fast and the trees are coming along quickly also, but the house and buildings that are in most squares are going to be a bit slower on the stitch. Here is a snap of last nights progress.

Those are some funky birds I must say!!
I think I may skip the rotation and work Village again tonight to finish the square up.
I have an exchange and the RR that I want to finish by the end of the month and I need to get going on those. Hope the week is treat everyone well!!!

Thanks for stopping by, and I really appreciate
the nice comments that you leave!!

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  1. Beautiful progress! I loved it when I did a heavy block and then a lighter block the next month. It felt like it was zooming along when I did the lighter months.

  2. Looks great Edgar! You are so making me want to buy this chart ;)

  3. You made a lot of progress last night, the block is almost done. It looks fantastic.

  4. I love this chart! I will be watching your progress!

  5. You're making good progress on this block, Edgar!

  6. Yes, the four trees on the left look much better now that they have tops! Great looking square. I hope you enjoy stitching all of them.