Friday, September 7, 2007

New Start - Garland Fair

I had a new start last night with "Garland Fair." This is #16 in the Loose Feathers series by Blackbird Designs. The suggested fabric is 30ct La Crosse blend by RR Reproductions and GA Maple Syrup overdyed floss. I changed the fabric to WDW 30ct Cappuccino and the floss to GA's Cinnamon. I did not care for the Maple Syrup colour and RR fabrics cool finishes on the fabric fade so quickly that I went with Weeks Dye Works instead. Here is a snap of the start.

I also changed my stitch rotation, boy that lasted one little day didn't it. :) I switched out "Emblem of Love" and put in "Forgiveness." I'll throw EoL into the Thursday spot when GF is finished.

Not too much else going on. The cable for the TV has been acting up so I have been watching a mini series called "Aristocrats." It was done in 1999 by the BBC and tells the "true" story of the Lennox sisters, Caroline, Emily, Louisa, Sarah and Cecily during the 18th century. They where great grand daughters of Charles II and his French mistress Louise Renée de Penancoët de Kérouaille, Duchess of Portsmouth. Their father was the 2nd Duke of Richmond. It is a really nice series and well acted in some of the same large houses and places that the actual sisters lived and built. One of the best performances is by Clive Smith as George II. If you have ever seen "Keeping up Appearances" he is the ever repressed husband Richard to ever social climbing Hyacinth Bucket (that's bouquet).

Have a great weekend, and thanks for stopping by!!!!!!



  1. Great start! Are you all ok out there? I watched that there are wildfires near you! Hope you stay safe and sound!

  2. Your new start is great! And I love JellyBellies, too. When I taught school, I got a teaching kit from the factory and used it with my kids at Easter. It had a video showing how they make the jelly beans and samples for the kids. It was a lot of fun! I know I'm not up on all the initals - what is BAP? Don't tell anybody I didn't know! lol Have a great day!

  3. Nice start on both Garland Fair and VoHRH. You said VoHRH wasn't the most exciting picture of stitching, but I enjoy every picture of stitching that I see posted ;)

  4. Hi Edgar, I clicked on a link to your blog from another. WOW! Your stitching is amazing--I love your samplers! By the way, I don't know what a BAP is either.