Tuesday, September 20, 2022

A Little Movie Watching

 Gentle Friends... here's a movie list I made up long ago...and I still stand by my choices...

15 Movies to watch again and again!!  In no particular order......

1. - Summertime - 1955 - It is because of this wonderful movie that the first place I went to in Europe was Italy and especially Venice!!

2. - The Emperor's New Grove - 2000 - I love Disney Movies and am the first in line when a new release comes out (Pinocchio is coming out really soon!) This one has it all!!
3. Marie Antoinette - 1938 - Gorgeous if unrealistic version of the Queen's life with Norma Shearer in top form - I also love the 2006 version with Kirsten Dunst.
4. Giant - 1956 - There are so many great Elizabeth Taylor films I love but I picked this one.
5. Now Voyager - 1942 - There are lots of super Bette Davis films I really love and her career was so long - she is in top form in this one.
6. Trip to Bountiful - 1985 - A lovely small film at the end of Geraldine Page's glorious career.
7. Mildred Pierce - 1945 - There are lots of great Joan Crawford films but this sums up her great career.
8. Stalag 17 - 1953 - I love WWII films and this is both a great William Holden performance set in WWII.

9. Meet Me in St Louis - 1944 - A great nostalgia film and a super Judy performance
10. Goodbye Mr. Chips - 1939 - A super movie - and I needed to include a Greer Garson title- this being her first Hollywood film and super performance.
11. White Christmas - 1954 - One of two Christmas films I can watch over and over
12. Scrooge - 1970 - The second Christmas film I could watch over and over - Not the best interpretation of the Dickens classic, but in my opinion a great musical.
13. Dames - 1934 - One of the many super Busby Berkley confections I love.
14. Witness for the Prosecution - 1957 - A great suspense mystery film.

15. The Women - 1939 - A stupendous ensemble film from that golden year of 1939.

There you go - my top 15 - Everyone has favorite films - what would yours be??? 
Think about it as it is very hard to narrow down a list!

Although I made the list up over a decade ago these are still films I watch when they pop up on TCM or I feel the need and grab the old DVD or Blu-Ray...an old film is like a good friend, always there!

Thanks for stopping by do stop again!

Good Thoughts! Good Words! Good Deeds!


  1. Edgar, did you ever see "The Whales of August" ? Bette Davis, Lilian Gish, Ann Sothern and Vincent Price. Would probably fit right in with your other 15 choices.

  2. The first thing that comes to mind for me are comedies - It's a Mad Mad Mad World and The Burbs. As for the rain, I was literally singing Rain, Glorious Rain, all day yesterday. I love your French sampler of trees below. That would be a fun one to try and recreate. Thank you for sharing all your samplers this month. They are all gorgeous,

  3. I loved Meet Me In St. Louis!! One of my absolute favorites!!

  4. You're correct....much more difficult to actually do than it sounds. I do know that among that 15 would be Scrooge (the version with George C Scott...1980's??), Practical Magic, and Hocus Pocus..... No "greats" and no fantastic musical or iconic oldies in those 3, but I do love them nonetheless. ~Robin~

  5. I think my favourite film and one that I have watched several times is Don't Look Now with Julie Christie & Donald Sutherland, you should watch it if you haven't already.

  6. Dearest Edgar: Beautiful choice of movies, I love the oldies.
    Have a wonderful day.


  7. Meet Me in St Louis is one of my all time favorites. My favorite line is Katie saying "another Halloween and we're all a year older". For some reason I adapted that line to my life and every July 4th as we watched the fireworks when my kids were younger I'd say "another Independence Day and we're all a year older". Haha! I still say it, even if it's just the two of us. Great list of classic movies, Edgar.


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