Wednesday, May 17, 2017

A Little Devil

Gentle Friends, knowing me and reading this Blog you may recall my fondness for Converse Chucks.... and every now and then I get a catalog from Journeys and they often have fun versions of Converse sneakers.....  so from the latest one, I ordered.... 

..... and they came in a great box,.....

... som Tasmanian Devil All-Star Chucks!!  I can usually refrain from new shoes (I've got far too many now) but I just had to have these!!
... aren't they great!!  

There you sports fans, thanks again for stopping by do stop again!!

Take care,


  1. Awesome
    I love them :)
    Big hugs x

  2. ......and will you be whizzing about in them at break neck speed like Taz does? lol

  3. I WANT!!!!! Love those! I used to collect Converse shoes. Even had a pair of patten leather ones, and glow in the dark ones.... enjoy your new kicks!!!

  4. Oh Edgar, thank you for the chuckle! They are too cute!

  5. Wow.......and a neat box to boot!

  6. You Tasmanian Devil, you. Of course they are great.

  7. They are awesome! Got to love the themed Converse, I've got a Gotham City Sirens pair and I love them

  8. Oh, so much fun!!!! Perfect for you!

  9. omg those are too cool. I bought my grandson some of the Toy Story ones with the little aliens on them. I wanted some with Woody on them but they sold out in my size. I'm waiting for them to restock them. Have fun wearing them.

  10. How could you pass these up !!!

  11. What a fun pair of sneakers!!


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