Wednesday, May 24, 2017

A Little Box of Treats

Gentle Friends, I've had quite a few emails about what the second half of my 10th Anniversary Gift-a-way was.... well here's that post a bit on the late side but better late than never.....  I had in mind sending some things from the City that I felt would be well-received nd that meant something to me and things I did around town .... so after settling on what I was going to get we headed out to breakfast at the Red Cafe.  A favorite eatery of ours that I talked about before... It's in the Mission district and I usually get chilaquiles...

... I've had these at lots of places but at the Red Cafe, their version included some fresh green pepper and onion.... one of my very favorite breakfasts!!  Rico on the other hand usually gets...

... eggs, bacon hash browns with flour tortillas.... and a Coke!!  So after breakfast, we headed across the street and up the block a bit to our very favorite bakery in the entire City.... Dianda's.... 

.... they make really super things... and here are some snaps....

... the cakes they make are top notch and in demand, so ordering in advance is imperative...  the cases that line the shop on both walls are usually chock-a-block full...

... and the pastries and really tasty also...  the ring looking things in the middle to the right are to die for, flaky and crunchy and they come in either almond or raspberry....delicious!!

... I picked up a box of assorted cookies here to include....  we also stopped off at Philz Coffee for some of their roasted beans.....

....  I also picked up an SF mug to round out the present - packed it all up and everything arrived at Donna's quickly for her to enjoy!! 

That's about it for today sports fans.  It is a short week for me as I took off tomorrow and Friday and we have Monday off so it will be a long lazy weekend!!  Rico also took off the same days and we have a couple of things planned so you'll be seeing a post or two about our adventures next week.  Thanks again for stopping by do stop again!!

Take care,


  1. I'm hungry!!!!!!! Awesome eatery places Edgar! I can feel the pounds being added to my hips! :-)

    I hope you and Rico have a fantastic adventure. Looking forward to some wonderful pics.

    Travel safe!

    San Pedro, CA

  2. Oh Edgar. I have been dieting for weeks and this post made my knees weak and my eyes burn. And what did those burning eyes focus on? Cannoli. I see cannoli! Can't see inside the cakes so I am imagining them to be some sort of spice with fruit (least favorite), but the other items there is just no hiding. Donna hit the jackpot.

  3. Lucky Donna! Yum, chilaquiles. I have a Mexican aunt who made these when we were growing up. I've seen them in all varieties but hers were torn up corn tortillas with onions cooked in a sauce. Takes me back! Looking forward to hearing about you and Rico's adventures!

  4. What a wonderful prize! My Weight Watchers mode makes me happy I did not win. I would not have been able to resist all those treats! You did a terrific job selection those prizes!

  5. you can never have too much cake.... they looks amazing

  6. Awesome :)
    My heart is smiling
    Big hugs
    I love the place
    Smiles xx

  7. Edgar, all the food looks so yummy! Hope you and Rico enjoy the extra days off. :)

  8. Oh wow.. just look at the line up of all the goodies!! Yumm!!! Such a generous gift Edgar
    Looking forward to some great pictures from your adventure


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