Thursday, December 31, 2015

The Last of the Christmas Decorations

Gentle friends, this past weekend end we were running around and found ourselves over on Fulton Street and near St Ignatius Church and the Carmelite Convent and thought we'd stop and see what there might be to see.......  I've Posted at length about both of these lovely spaces HERE.......

..... inside the Chapel we were met with a a lovely creche .....

...the Christmas decorations over at St Ignatius were just lovely....... here are some snaps

....  it looks a bit dark because I turned off the flash to get the really dramatic lighting.....

.... this advent wreath and candles was free floating and suspended from the ceiling...standing there it gave me the jitters just thinking about the ladder you would need to get the wires tied off.....

.....  these trees were just enormous and so effective along with the mounds of poinsettias....

... for the most part they used living and dried  plants and foliage, but the columns were wrapped in silk garland... there must have been just miles of the garland ......

.... near the crossing transept there was a 3/4 sized Nativity, I had to use the flash here so the picture is on the hot side.....It was a really lovely way to close the Christmas weekend.  

 That about wraps up the week.  We are staying in tonight and have a New Years lunch to attend tomorrow, but other than that I'm headed for a quiet weekend of taking down the Christmas tree.....  Have a safe evening and a wonderful new Year!!!

Take care,


  1. So beautiful my dear
    Happy new year xx

  2. Absolutely beautiful! Happy New Year and I will also be packing Christmas 2015 (and hopefully some stitching)

  3. Such magnificent decorations and crib scene.
    Wishing you a year filled with happy and fun times and lots of stitching too! Happy New Year.

  4. Thanks for the beautiful picture tour. Happy New Year.

  5. Hi Edgar! Yes, I am back. I love all the beautiful pictures. I hope you have a Happy New Year!

  6. Thank you for posting all of the beautiful Christmas decoration posts. I had a very bad case of "bah humbug" when it came to my own decorating this year, so it was nice to see what others had done and still feel part of the season.

  7. Wow, beautiful decorations. You have captured them all so beautifully. Thanks for the pictures

  8. What wonderful decorations! I love beautiful nativity sets! This one is so pretty!
    I love the photos you share!
    I am a church organist, and have recently begun playing at the Cathedral in Jackson MS. I have photos on my blog of the decorations there--not as large as this, but very pretty!


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