Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Oh Tannenbaum

Gentle Friends... the past weekend was a "party heavy" weekend so many places to go and so many people to party we usually get to every year is really over the top... the tree they erect is enormous, and it always has real lit candles, truly phenomenal!!

... this is the tree in the front parlour window over looking Steiner street.  It is amazing what a crowd this will draw during the season - folks out walking, stop and just gaze up from the street.  
This is how it looks with just the regular lights going......

....  here's a shot from the back parlor, you can better see just how big a tree they put up.....

... with the white lights on and lighting the candles....

... the candles all lit and the burned and burned and were going for a good 1/2 hour or more.   Now I've been going to seeing Chris' Christmas parties and seeing hie candlelit trees for the past 20+ years both here and when we were living in Florida and every year when those candles are lit it really knocks me out!!!  It's feels and looks so very old fashioned and totally Christmas.  BTW the candles were ordered from Germany, a country that really knows how to do traditional Christmas!  After the party, walking back to the car we passed this house.....

.... super lights!!

That does it for today sports fans, thanks for stopping by, do stop again!

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  1. That is a pretty awesome tree. Ours looks great this year in all homemade ornaments (except for 'frog in dress" which is actually Pascal from Tangled with Adèle requested and you just can't ignore when your Autistic child asks for something specific like that!) and our new LED lights that change from multicolored to white at the press of a button.

  2. I seriously look forward to seeing pics of this party every year from you. These are my Tree Goals and Home Goals. We put up a real tree this year, right up to our lil' 8' ceiling, and I have to say it's pretty okay. ;) pics are on my IG (beritbunny) if you'd like to see some; I was thinking in the back of my mind that blogging them was a good idea.

    Anyway, beautiful tree and how I long to see the candles lit in person at such a time! Thanks for sharing.

  3. My goodness that is mesmerizing. Never saw a tree with real candles. That room, its ceiling and details are spectacular. Merry Christmas!

  4. What a beautiful tree. I'd be a nervous wreck with candles on the tree! I'd have to stand there in fire gear with a big ol' fire extinguisher in hand. How scary!!

  5. THAT is a Christmas tree! Truly beautiful.

  6. wowwwwwwwwwwwwwww
    so perfectly beautiful..i love it so much..
    sweet hugs x

  7. In a word...WOW! Je Suis paris, I stitched up Primitive Hare's little cross stitch sign for Paris. Did you see it?

  8. Absolutely breath taking pictures. Thanks for clicking under different settings and sharing all. Enjoyed

  9. It looks like the folks in SF really know how to do Christmas up right. That tree is magnificent and for that matter so is the house! Thanks for sharing the photos.

  10. That is one spectacular Christmas tree, and a lovely home too. Isn't it a bit nerve wracking to have real candles on the tree? So special though. I'd love to see a tree in person with real candles on it. So cool.

  11. What a beautiful home and tree! I've never seen a tree with real candles on it and it looks like it feels really very special.

  12. What an amazing tree. Wonderful.
    Happy holidays from Germany, Gabi


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