Thursday, December 10, 2015

Thrifty Thursday

Gentle Friends, a few fun finds from the weekend.......

 .....  starting from the top, a great old stoneware mixing bowl, a DVD of Rick Steves Christmas Special, a nice little piece of cloisonne, an individual sauce boat in the "Tonquin" pattern, and a super CDV (Carte de Viste) Album.....  I found the album at a Goodwill, and the minute I saw it I knew it was coming home with me.....  even before I found that every page held a super photo, and was identified on the back cover, and on the back of each photo....  there was even a calling card and a Funeral Card stuck inside.....  here are some of the images  form the album.....

....  the Photo's seem to have all been taken around Massachusetts and Connecticut, what a shame that it has left the family, but I am really happy to have guardianship of it for a while.  If anyone knows of these families it would be nice to let them know about these photos of their ancestors.

That's about it for today sports fans, thanks for stopping by, do stop again!!

Take care,


  1. It's amazing the pictures and albums you find when thrifting. I have been to estate sales where the photo albums are for sale. Do the family's not want these. My daughter collects old tin type and glass negatives. I just don't see how a family can let this get away. I hope you are able to put it back in touch with the family.

  2. You really found some treasures! I love the Rick Steves European Christmas. I try to watch it every year.

  3. Edgar, think about contacting a genealogy society in the MA or CT area. They may recognize the family names. What an unbelievable find! Why anyone would let that out of the family...

  4. Oh my word....and you know pictures cost a pretty penny back in the day too! I'm glad at least you have them in your care :)

  5. How wonderful the album has someone to love and cherish it for a while.

  6. Hi Edgar,
    I dabble in genealogy & found a possible Find a Grave family in MA that looks like it might be a fit. There are also several family trees of the family on I could try & get you connected or show you how if you're interested.
    Contact me @ if you're interested


  7. Hi Edgar,
    Try going to and typing in Daniel Russell Clark and his birth and death year in their search. I did and found this tree that has the same people they may be interested. Daniel was born and died in Northampton, Massachusetts.

    Take Care, Sandy