Friday, December 11, 2015

"A Christmas Carol" Gift-a-Way

Gentle friends, just a quick reminder of the Gift-a-way I'm having here at the Blacksheep...if you'd like to enter and haven't you can click HERE to go back to the post to leave a comment.  The Hag Claw and Who Hounds will draw the winners over the week end and I'll announce them on Monday's Post.

I found this great piece of editing on You Tube - it's a compilation of six film versions, 1938, 1951, 1970, 1984, 1992 and 1999... in 4 minutes you can see "A Christmas Carol"'s pretty fantastic.....


That wraps up the week sports fans, thanks again for stopping by, and have a super weekend!

Take care,


  1. That's awesome! Thank you for posting.

  2. Oh Edgar, this is priceless! I love The Christmas Carol and Charles Dickens. I hope your December is going well. I enjoy your posts so much!

  3. My favorite movie, I watch most versions every year. Have you watched the "American Christmas Carol" with Henry Winkler..good version.

  4. That was great! I have been obsessively listening to the three different versions I have as audio books - so far, I like Tim Curry's version best (I didn't really think he could pull it off (figured his voice as more a Dickens' villain), but he's really very good).

  5. Thanks for sharing the video! Love to watch A Christmas Carol--every version. It is only second to It's a Wonderful Life!

  6. I just came accross your blog an have to tell you that A Christmas Carol is my very FAVORITE Christmas movie. I have almost every version and I watch all of them more than once every year. I saw one in your list that I have not seen and will have to search to buy it. Thanks for sharing.


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