Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Thanksgiving Catch'up

Gentle Friends.... as I usually do I took Wednesday off, and with Rico already on a week off (he has so much time built up they hound him to take time off) we headed to the SF Flower market Wednesday morning for a tasty breakfast at the Bechelli's Flower Market Cafe and then on to the flowers...  at our house for Thanksgiving I do the cookin' and Rico does the flowers...

... we walked around all over and saw some really lovely things.....  tons of roses......

...  aren't these proteas great and so many lilies, you would have thought it was Easter.....

... there is just building after building and this is one of the the many booths....

....  another Booth we frequent, but he had still not decided what to put on the table.....

... of course there was tons of greens for Christmas.....  and berries and swags and .......

.... cedar, which we will be coming back for this weekend since we gotta get our Christmas going.......

....  Rico did a really wonderful job once again!!!  This was the table Wednesday, set with my Mom's wedding china - Castelton "Lace," the smaller Pink Luster plates were my Grandmother Warren's, I got 4 when we broke up my Mom's house, and found a couple more of them on the bay of evil....  the crystal was my Grandmother Mathews', Tiffin "Persian Pheasant," and the silver, linen and cut glass pieces are from both sides.

It was a wonderful Thanksgiving, and I'll finish up with the weekend tomorrow.  Thanks for stopping by do stop again!!

Take care,


  1. Beautiful table, esp. the flowers. Well done.


  2. What a stunning table. Well done all around. Absolutely stunning.

  3. What a beautiful table!! The flowers are gorgeous. Rico has a gift for arrangements. Your silver and dishes are just beautiful. Happy Thanksgiving

  4. Such a lovely table, Edgar! You and Rico always do a great job.

  5. Your table looks so elegant, beautiful flowers.

  6. Lovely marketing shots, and your table looks divine! I love hearing about the origins of the items. <3

  7. Love the memory-filled settings and the centerpiece is stunning.
    I envy you that flower mart...spectacular... Hope you, Rico and
    guests had a blessed Thanksgiving....just know it was a great menu....

  8. Rico's arrangement is beautiful. Love the place settings on your table. Looking forward to tomorrow's pics.


  9. What a gorgeous table setting! I love your Mom's china.

  10. Edgar its beautiful I saw Rico's flowers on FB and I was agog at the beauty. I love your china and crystal and silver ~ those candelabras (!!!!). I bet it was a delicious and beautiful Thanksgiving Day at your house!

  11. I love the photos you take of your flower market and you are so right, Rico did a beautiful job with the flowers. Your table was lovely and very special with so many family pieces.

  12. Thank you for the tour of the flower market. What a beautiful treat. Rico did an amazing job with the flowers - he has definitely got the eye. I love all the memories on your table - it is really what Thanksgiving is all about.

  13. As always a beautifully set table to accompany what I know was a wonderful meal for those fortunate enough to be invited to share in food and friendship.

  14. I adore flower markets. There are none that I know of in my area - but when we are in Merida, MX for our now rare vacations, I love visiting the flower stalls.
    The table setting is lovely

  15. What a beautiful table, Edgar. Rico - good job! It just looks so inviting. I would love to visit the flower market. It was beyond gorgeous.

  16. You and Rico set a stunning table! No flower markets here and that is a serious shame. I love that your table is full of family history.


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