Monday, March 24, 2014

A Mystery Update

Gentle Friends, the weekend came and went without a bit of a stone in sight.  I aim for the little cone shaped screen and there's nothing to see when its through.  For now, I'll be just moving along and doing the regular things I usually do and just not think about it too much.

On the stitching front, I continued to work on the Spanish Mystery Sampler, to be referred to from now on as the SMS......  here's the progress...

...  as you can see I have worked the left side to the end, I am not sure if I'll stitch a bottom closing vine or add my personal info, there's lots of time to think about that.  One of the changes I am making is that I traded the white for a pale green coloured silk, I thought the white was on the dull and washed out side.  Another change I made is in the sixth row, the "blue ribbon" row I call it.  The green and red "rose" looking bits were stitched all in white on the original, I am stitching them more as flowers, now the dilemma is whether to leave the dark "Rose of Sharon" silk or change it for a lighter shade of red/pink???  something else to think about.

That's about it for today sports fans, thanks for stopping by, do stop again!!

Take care,


  1. I always love to see you stitch work. Is there a photo of the finished piece on the pattern? I'd love to see your's next to it to compare your changes.

  2. Glad the weekend was uneventful...stone wise. Love the colors on SMS, I often change colors, usually because you cannot see them on the fabric I choose. White is usually the first to go that and any sand color. Take care.

  3. Good news about no stones this weekend. :)
    Love the Spanish sampler, such gentle colors.

  4. Hope you a feeling better!! Who is the Designer for this Spanish Mystery Sampler?
    Best wishes from your neighbor in San Leandro

  5. Bummer, Edgar! Hope you get better soon.

  6. It amazes me just how fast you get projects stitched. Yea for no stone drama over the weekend!

  7. SMS is so pretty. I love the colors. Good luck with the cone. My DD ended up having hers caught and pulled out!No fun at all thank goodness she was asleep!

  8. This piece is just so elegant! I always thought I could resist this one, but you're making me change my mind. Gorgeous!

  9. Beautiful stitching project! Keeping you in my prayers : )

  10. This is GOR-GEE-US!!! I love the colors and the "flow". Can't wait to watch this beauty bloom! :)


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