Tuesday, May 11, 2010

A Weekend Post - on Tuesday

GR&&DF after the who-hound post we now go back to our regular programming....

The weekend was bright and sunny - warmish on Saturday - or I should say it got to the warmish point since it started off a bit on the brisk side early on. We ran around to a bunch of sales - but most of them were a total bust. It does happen sometimes - miserable yard sales labeled as Estate or House sales... if you have a couple of boxes of stuff in the carport that does not make an estate sale!! I did pick up a couple of things - here is a snap -

You are looking at less than $4 worth of spending - like I said not much out there!! I couldn't resist the Florida mug - the garage sale that I picked this up at had 5 or six boxes full of State Mugs - Dale picked up 3 from North Carolina. There was another Florida one but it was kind of boring. The book is a nice little thing about a favorite city of mine - Paris. The two little bisque figures are a little beat up but they look kind of cute next to my bisque bathing beauties, the tray I got anticipating stitching up something else to fit under the glass - and the frog is the top part of a larger piece that I can focus on finding.

Sunday was off and on crappirty weather so no Farmers Market visit. I spent most of the day doing regular house chores and in the evening we went over to a friends house for a lasagna dinner - whoo hoo - delicious and I didn't have to cook or clean up the mess!!!

Last night Rico wanted some cake of some sort so I whipped up

this pink goo - that turned into these....

....lovelies - another crazy Batman angle. Richard Avedon I am not!!

There you go sports fans!! Thank you again for stopping by and for the warm sweet comments about our hounds - they are sweet bundles of joy - until bedtime then they a grabby little brats - and we adjust to their needs - spoiled - YES!!

Take care,


  1. Love your finds Edgar, my DD is in love with the Florida mug. She has a 'thing'for crocodiles :-)
    Your cakes look delish!

  2. Okay, now I am seriously thinking about cupcakes! Not in my food plan, but we have to indulge sometimes, right??

  3. Did you have to show cupcakes!?! Now I may just have to adjust my afternoon plans......

  4. Eh, now I have to go find cupcakes too! Please forgive me if this is a daft question or if it has already been mentioned elsewhere, but where in the world does "who-hound" come from?

  5. Now, I have to ask, what does the pink goo taste like? Is it strawberry?

    Can there be anything better than lasagna without the mess?!

    Love that tray--can't wait to see what you put inside it! :D

  6. If you like all things Parisian look out for Sew Parisian! It's designed by Kirby as part of her course work. It's charted and part-stitched but cannot be released until the assessment of her assignment!

    Cupcakes look yummy!

  7. CAKE!!!! I love cake.

    Great finds ~ especially that frog. I keep looking...

  8. OMG!!! Those cupcakes look gooooood!!!