Friday, May 14, 2010

A Jean Arthur Posting - More at the Movies

GR&DF another movie post - can you believe it. I am stitching on some exchange pieces so no stitchity news or snaps. Life is its regular old dull stuff day in and day out - which I like. In fact I am never so restful and content as when my life is monotonous and in a rut - I like knowing what will happen next without surprise or upset. I do not like change.
Pretty dull boy, but that's the breaks!!

So, without any snaperoos of needle stuff I will movie-talk again today.

Last night the flicker was a Netflix pix - "A Lady Takes a Chance" - 1943 - starring Jean Arthur and John Wayne (notice the billing) I am, and never have been a John Wayne fan. I just do not car for his "acting" manner, but I love Jean Arthur and I had never seen this picture before and it was a great little movie!! . Now there are a handful of films that Wayne is in that I do like - top of that heap is "The Quiet Man" - 1952- co-starring Maureen O'Hara - just love this film!!!!!! But lets get back to last night film. I threw this on the queue because of Jean Arthur one of my favorite comediennes of the late 1930's early 40's who is now almost forgotten. She started off in the silent movies but once sound came along and the public could hear her delightfully squeaky/froggy voice her career took off!! TCM - my favorite Boob Tube channel - often shows her films - 4 that spring to mind that you can catch there are - "Mr. Smith Goes to Washington" - 1939, "The Devil and Miss Jones" - 1941- with Charles Coburn(love this film!!), "The More the Merrier" - 1943 - another super flick pairing Arthur and Coburn - and the last of the four "A Foreign Affair" -1948. There are a few others that are shown on TCM regularly any of her films are worth watching and I would encourage you to take a look. An interesting piece of trivia is she turned down the roll of Mary Bailey in "Its a Wonderful Life" - 1946 - that eventually went to Donna Reed.

Here is a great little tribute to a wonderful actress.....

There you go sports fans. Have a great weekend - see you on Monday!

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  1. I love your movie reviews! Sometimes I read one that I have not seen before. I too love Jean Arthur! I think my favorite with her is The Devil and Miss Jones.

  2. Oh man oh man can I relate to the not wanting a surprize in your day! I like the same ole same ole.It's comfortable and I'm at my best that way. I get a little itchy and want to take a drive somewhere or something sometimes,but for the most part, I'm a homebody and prefer to stick to the usual.Hope you got the recipe I sent.Have a great weekend!!

  3. I'm eagerly waiting for pics of your exchanges!! At the moment, I'm caring for my mama who is sick - I am longing so much for a "regular" day. I really miss my "normal". I hope you have a lovely week-end! :)

  4. Great tribute to Jean Arthur. We'll be movie buffs yet. Thanks Edgar.

  5. Can't wait for stitchy pics, but your movie reviews are wonderful too!

  6. I also like my life in a rut with no surprises. When I know I have to plan for an event - graduation, thanksgiving etc. I am all worked up and do not usually enjoy the event. I feel much better back in my rut.

  7. I love your movie posts, Edgar! When I heard about Lena I immediately thought of you. Unfortunately I didn't get my hiney in gearfast enough to comment.

    Oh, and I loove your new banner pic! Have a great weekend!

  8. Jean Arthur is one of my favorite actresses! I love her froggy voice. She is funny too. The More the Merrier, is one of my favorite films. Charles Coburn is great in it too.
    I've never seen The Devil and Miss Jones! How could I have missed this one! I'll have to get that one ASAP!
    Funny you say that about John Wayne. I really do not care for his films. He seems "abusive" in his manner. We must be cut from the same movie cloth!
    Thanks for your wonderful movie reviews. They help me know what to put in my cue at Netflix. My husband gets so exasperated that I've filled the cue with at least, 5 years worth of "my old movies." He is starting to warm to them somewhat. My kids lOVE them, much to my relief. I don't have to worry too much about the content of films before 1950.
    Have a great weekend! Thanks for the post.