Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Goodbye Miss Lena

GR&DF the cupcakes where a hit and there was so many!! - I think there was 3 1/2 dozen of those suckers - and Berit the pink goo was strawberry. Not as good as my Mom's strawberry cake, but in a pinch it did the trick. Marjorie asked about a name I refer to the pack as - with my twisted since of humor and love for the Grinch -I guess I just attached the who- to the hound and came up with who-hounds. Sometimes I think those three are just too wacky and belong on Mount Crumpet with Max - but I love the who-darlings!!

As you may or may not know one of the great stars from the Golden Era of Film passed on Sunday -

Lena Horne - 1917 - 2010

Breaking so many barriers in her life - one of the biggest was to be the first actor of colour to be given a long term contract by a major studio - MGM. TCM will be showing 3 films of her films on May 21, 2010. They are:

8:00 PM ET - The Duke is Tops - 1938
9:30 PM ET - Cabin in the Sky - 1943
11:15 PM ET - Panama Hattie - 1942

All three are good movies, but "Cabin in the Sky" not only showcases Lena's talents but also Ethel Waters huge talent - well worth a look. Such a wonderful career had so many top hits, but she will always be remembered for a single tune - and whenever I hear it - no mater who is singing it I always think of Lena Horne. Here is Lena singing her signature song in a the clip from the film of the same name......

There you go sports fans. Thanks for stopping by - do come again!!

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  1. I hadn't heard that she died! How pretty her dress is for that number--what a beautiful woman. It's so rainy here today, but not sultry like the song--it's cold, cold, cold!

    I should have known it was strawberry--I wondered, but...I think I did know that Who-hound was a Seuss reference--but I forgot where from, lol!

  2. How funny to be talking about Seuss as this week is Seuss week at school for my boys! I never made the connection to the name you call your pups!

    Miss Lena was a very beautiful woman!

  3. I meant to comment on yesterday's post as I have a similar tray with a piece of embroidery my grandmother stitched. Can't wait to see what you put in that.
    Thanks for the Stormy Weather link - nobody sings it like she did.

  4. love the dress! Thanks for the head's up on the 5/21 movies...sounds like a stitching chair and butt night to me!! We always refer to leftovers as roast beast and who-hash at my house - Grinch is one of my favs too...have a great day, Edgar :-)

  5. Lena was one of the old greats. She made a place for herself in a hard world and never made a bad name for herself. Why can't the stars of today have as much class as this lady did in her time.

    Love the Who-hounds it fits to me.


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