Friday, July 31, 2009

Shakin' it up a bit....

As you can probably tell I have "stirred the pot" so to speak with my blog. I have had the snap of my mom and goat cart up there for so long I thought it was time to change it all up - Header snap, colour wise and the fonts. I have been thinking about doing it for months now and searched and searched through what seemed like 100's of templates and skins to find something I wanted here, but nothing and I mean nothing jumped out at me. I even toyed with the idea of get someone else to come up with something innovative and new - but vetoed that - I may go back and find someone to do it - you never know. Then I thought about my stitching and since this is my blog why not throw one of the pieces I really like up there - What I have chosen is the Beatrix Potter Quaker piece I finished up last year as a SAL. The piece is stitched on 32ct Vintage Autumn Field using Soie d'Alger #4625. If you remember I stitched in the initials as a sort of memorial to my Dad and Grandparents - It now hangs in our front hall. I am not too sure how happy I am with my wrangling, but will Live with the results for a bit.

Well, Friday has arrived - cool and foggy here in San Francisco. I know that if you drive just about 15 mins in any direction out of the city that the temps soar into the 90's and 100's so I am very thankful for being blanketed in fog. Yesterday when we took the hounds out for the afternoon constitutional I took my camera along to get some snaps of the fog....

This is looking out from our dead end street towards downtown - and the entire city was covered. I turned around towards Twin Peaks and.... this shot of the creeping fog coming over the hills. It was a cozy evening and I even flipped the heater on to take the chill off. The evenings stitching was finishing up the exchange piece I have been working on - I will have that out next Tuesday.

There where two flickers - the first was TCM's screening as part of a tribute to 1939 - "Gone With the Wind" - 1939 - I really enjoy this film an have seen it many times. It was over at 9 so I squeezed in an extra film I had gotten from Netflix. This second film was called "Trouble in Store" - 1953 - starring Norman Wisdom, Moira Lister and Margaret Rutherford. This was an English comedy about Norman a stock room clerk whose ambition it is to be a window dresser. It was very slapstick in a Jerry Lewis kind of way - I did enjoy many things about this film - but Norman's continual manic shenanigans got to be less and less funny as the movie went on.

I also got a pretty good shot of the first two pidges -

They are not long for the window box I think - as they stay gone for longer and longer periods of time.

Have a great weekend - thanks for stopping by!!! I will let you know how the plums turn out on Monday!!

Take care,


  1. It must be something in the air as I, too, am planning a blog change! I've already deleted a lot of the messy bits from the sidebar but I need new header and profile pictures. I love your new header picture - such a wonderful piece.

  2. Love the new blog layout! Your stitching is beautiful. The pics are great too! I wish it got cool enough here at night to turn the heater on.. sigh..

  3. Edgar, the Potter piece is a perfect header for your blog. Simply beautiful. Thanks again for following the birdies - it has been fascinating - and for all of the lovely photos. Thanks also for your faithful writing - yours is one of the blogs I make sure I read every day, no matter how busy I am. Pure pleasure.

  4. While I loved the old photo you had as your header I think a piece of your stitching is fabulous! It keeps your work up front.

    The photos of the fog are really cool. Love it.

  5. Your Beatrix Potter Quaker is so beautiful : I love your new blogheader !
    Have a nice week-end !

    P.S.: I also love "Gone with the wind" and saw it a lot of times !

  6. Thank you Edgar for letting me see the first set of pidges from birth to as they are ready to fly the coop and also the new set of pidgelets.
    I like your new header picture. Great job!

  7. I like the new look Edgar,
    Your Beatrix Potter is great, inspires me to keep stitching on mine.