Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Comments and Flickers

Thank you all for nice things you wrote about the PIF that Su sent. She is the bestest!! To borrow a word. Cathy asked about the meaning of PIF and I am glad to explain. Basically it means Pass It Forward. It is works very easy... a stitcher either joins on or begins their own PIF. If a stitcher is starting a PIF then they will post on their blog that you are having a PIF and other stitchers comment that they want to join. The original stitcher will set up the parameters of the PIF - such as how many PIF they are going to and the length of time that those joining will have to stitch up their PIF's. Say the stitcher setting it up indicates that they are taking 3 stitchers to PIF and gets more that that commenting they would like to join, then there may be a drawing or random picking of the three PIF participants. Those three then run a PIF's on their Blogs and it goes on and on - Passing forward wonderfully stitched pieces to others - again a sharing of ourselves with others.

I am so ready to see the new HP Movie and an just green about Mary and Michele already seeing this newest installment!!! Colleen- how did your Peanut Butter cookies turn out???

Stitching last night was still focused on exchanges. The flicker was "The Girl Can't Help it" - 1956 - starring Jayne Mansfield and Tom Ewell. A great movie with some super early Rock and Roll musical numbers!! I wasn't expecting much from this flick and was pleasantly surprised at how much I enjoyed the whole thing. One of the best numbers is a ghostly apparition of Julie London signing her signature song "Cry me a River."

I did want to clear up about the flicker from yesterday - "Heaven Can Wait" - from 1943 - wasn't remade in 1978 by Warren Beatty - they only reused the title from the 43 movie. The 78 remake was a remake of a really good flick "Here Comes Mr. Jordon" 1941 - starring Robert Montgomery, Evelyn keyes and Claude Rains. It is very confusing all around and very misleading. Although the 78 remake is kind of cute, in its own way - once again there was no need to remake what was a very excellent movie from 1943.

Thanks for stopping by!! Today is the Farmers Market - so I am trotting on over there around lunch time!!! Stop in tomorrow for some snaps of that adventure in shopping with the masses!!

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  1. Thanks for the PIF info. Have fun at the market. CJ ok;-)

  2. I, too, have already seen the new HP--on saturday at the matinee with a bunch of darling's buddies from his college days. I though it was pretty good, though does not hold up as a stand-alone movie. But, then, neither do the latter books stand by themselves, either.

    So far, No. 5 has been my favorite! Hope you enjoy it!

  3. You must go see HP, it is AWESOME! The best one yet.

  4. Peanut butter cookies were great :) DH really enjoys them with his coffee for breakfast...haha! Thanks for asking :)

  5. Thank you, Edgar, for the PIF explanation! Sounds like lots of fun!