Thursday, July 9, 2009

Christmas Comes to SF

Can you believe that two days in a row I have mentioned Christmas!!!! I know the closer we get the faster it gets to us - The mail yesterday brought a wonderful package of Christmas Cheer from Down Under - Alison from Australia sent a beautifully stitched and finished ornament - here is a snap -

I love PS and this a beauty!! From the "Santa's and Snowmen" chart I just love it!! You really can't tell from the photo but the fuzzy binding around the stitched piece is sparkly which really sets it off and will look great on our tree for years to come! Along with the ornament was some super extra goodies........ a snap of everything.....

Knowing how I love licorice Alison included a bag of some that is really delicious - and a great candle, a pair of cute scissors and an Australian pen!! Thank you so much for the bit of Christmas Cheer here in the Summer - the weather has been very windy and cool hovering ion the high 60's low 70's for the past few days - glorious SF summer weather!!!!! Do go check out Alison's site as she has finished up "Finch Song" by SB - a kit I think I will have to get - It is just gorgeous!!

There you go - Yesterday after work we went to pick up our fixed computer for home. It crashed and we were off line for about a week. :( Now we are back up and on line!! :)
After getting home I fixed dinner and after that promptly passed out - I guess from exhaustion - since all I was drinking was some tea. At about 10:15 I woke up and realized the entire evening was shot!!! and the Peach had fallen asleep on my chest - she also woke up and promptly sneezed in my face - ahhhh - the deliciousness of that moment boggles the mind!!! So off to bed we went - so no flicker, no stitching - no nothing!! Kinda boring.

Thanks for stopping by!! Thanks for the great comments about LF Mystery Sampler - I will get the answers to the question in tomorrows post -

Take care -


  1. Such a pretty ornament, and I love the fuzzy trim.

    I agree Finch Song is gorgeous!

  2. The ornament is so lovely - I'm sure it is going to take pride of place on your Christmas tree. I also love that tiny scissors!

  3. What a lovely gift and so well stitched and finished. Dito for the Finch song.

  4. Lovely ornament!

    I can empathize with you on the computer dilemna. Ours crashed in March and we were without one for a month!!! Not a good thing because I do ALL our financial stuff online. We had to end up buying a new one and the other one was only 2 years old!!

  5. I'm so glad you like it, Edgar! The fuzzy stuff around the ornament is exactly that...Rainbow Gallery Fuzzy Stuff! LOL. Mixed with DMC cotton perle. I love using RG in my cording & picked up a bundle at Needle in a Haystack last Sept.