Friday, July 24, 2009

Friday once again

Here we are again at Friday. I am really ready for the next couple of days off. Not that I will do anything important .... but my usual routine things are very satisfying and fun!! I am glad that you all enjoyed the snaps for the Farmers Market. I am not sure about the fish-wife, but on rare occasions some folks sell out of season or illegally acquired things - and with bans on different sea things they may have had something they shouldn't..... and thought I was turning them in. When we all know all I was doing was getting a snap of some of the crazy looking sea creatures. There is always next week - Ha-Ha-Ha!!

There have been a couple of flicks this week I wanted to mention - first up would be "Bride Wars" 2009 - starring Kate Hudson and Anne Hathaway. Now, I really like Anne Hathaway but held up slim hope that this would be anything more than a silly film. I only got it from Netflix because Rico wanted to see it - and I was pleasantly surprised. It was clever where it needed to be and really nice when it could have been super bitchy!! I would recommend this a light comedy, The extras are pretty slim on the DVD but that is the only complaint. The second film was last night - "Coraline" - 2009 - this animated film adaptation was top notch and I really enjoyed everything about this film!! This is not, I repeat not a film for small children as it can get VERY creepy and VERY odd in places.

Still stitching on secret things - so no snaps.

I think that's about it for this week - Thank you all for stopping by -and for the great comments - I always appreciate them!!!

Take care,


  1. Have a good weekend Edgar and Rico!

  2. My daughter (19) and I watched Coraline last night as well :) We love the creepy! LOL

  3. I had been wondering about Coraline, might have to rent it myself for the weekend. Did you watch it in 3D?

    Have a great weekend!

  4. Hum; I've been thinking of watching Coraline myself; Dear Boyfriend was playing the game (Playstation 2??) a couple of weeks ago and we all thought it was kinda strange.

    Have I ever mentioned what a gaming household we are? We have just about every system since DB was a 5 years old, though only about the last 15 years worth are hooked up to the TV right now! Yes, I just turned to the TV to verify, and there are EIGHT video game systems hooked in. Sigh. Although we probably only play 4 of them with any regularity. We do not have, however, an XBox 360 (jic anyone who reads this knows or cares about the particular systems.)

    Why was DB playing a game tie-in of a movie we haven't seen yet? Because he can, of course! lol.

    As for the market vendors, that is DEFINITELY why they didn't want you taking snaps of their booth. So many things are illegal or restricted.

  5. I love Coraline so much. I told the husband he's buying me the Blu-Ray w/ the 3d glasses for Christmas.

    I have delusions of one day stitching a replica garden from that movie.

  6. I always like to check in on Monday to see your weekend garage sale finds & such. Have a lovely weekend!

  7. It's always fascinating reading about the flicks you've watched. It reminds me of some great ones I'd forgotten about. Question: I'm heading to SF soon and wonder if there is an LNS worth visiting in your area. I'm actually going to be east of SF but don't mind doing some driving. Thanks!

  8. He Edgar - I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoy your blog. It's always interesting and humorous. Your pictures are great. I live in Atlantic canada, and we're no strangers to fog here. I came accross a picture of your Halloween RR, and was wondering what fabric you used. It's a spooky choice!
    Take care, and thanks for sharing your bit of the planet with us.

  9. The SB SAL is really beautiful but also cost to much separate the threads!; for my SB "Happy Hunting", in my case!
    Jams!! Those look delicious!!

    Maria del Valle