Thursday, July 16, 2009

Cherries a Movie and some Stitching

Yesterday was a pretty typical day here in the City - it was breezy and in the low 70's!! Today it should be in the high 60's - thank goodness for the Marine Layer that blows in a "fogulates" the city. In the afternoon I got to run up to the mid-week Farmers Market. This market is held in the Civic Center area every Wednesday I picked up 3 pounds of cherries. I think the short and sweet cherry season is coming to an end as only a single stand had any. When I got home last night I got all the stones out of them and now they are in the freezer ready for me to make up some jam this weekend. I forgot to take my camera - can you believe it - so I haven't a single snap of any of the market. I will get there next week and get some snaps. It is a really nice market as you get any just about kind of fruit or veg in season - you can also get a chicken - so fresh they are still clucking!! You can honey, nuts, fish, flowers and even Kettle Korn. This farmers market is one of the better ones and not as high tone as the one at the Embarcadero or the one over on 24th Street. It has a great mix with just enough rough edges to have a gritty feel - and the prices are pretty good.

The flicker last night was "You're in the Navy Now" - 1951 - starring Gary Cooper and Jane Greer - supporting cast includes Eddie Albert and Jack Webb and a early bit part for Charles Bronson. This comedy based in truth was very entertaining. Gary Cooper is the commander of the PT 1186 nicknamed the "Tea Kettle" and experimental ship testing a steam powered engine. A solid and fun movie at 90 mins well worth a look.

My stitching was totally on exchange pieces. I have 3 mail dates coming up in the next few weeks so I need to get a'stitching.

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  1. We had some cherries from a little market in Oakland when we were visiting in June. OMG, were they good? Fantastic. Best cherries I've ever had.

    Also, we had the best mango (ever) and the best peaches (in a long time)!

  2. Oh, the gritty, rough around the edges farmers markets are always the BEST!! Sure, we can go to Central Market or Whole Foods (here in the Dallas area) and get great stuff, but those farmers grow the best stuff! My hubby and I just got the BEST tomatoes and peaches we've ever eaten off the side of the road (produce/farmer stand) when we were driving north, towards Denison, Texas last weekend. Made peach ice cream and a tomato pie....OMG, to DIE for!
    Anyhoo, maybe next time you go you can get some pics, would love to see!

  3. Love the Farmers market! Yummy! Love Cherries . . . so much so that when I was a kid I made myself extremely ill while on a road trip. We ended up having to stop at a laundry in some town and I was rapped up in a blanket! ya, it was bad! LOL