Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Stitching on Autumn wrapped in fog

I realize that most of the nation is out there sweltering in the heat. I know that my Mom in Florida can't play but 9 holes of golf as it gets way too hot way too fast no matter what early tee time she gets....and her answer to that is......
off to the club house for a tasty screwdriver and a quick dip in the pool. :)

If you notice I have a little weather thingy on this blog that shows the weather around the SF area, but you need to take that with a grain of salt. That is the temperature out at the airport which is in South San Francisco and about 20 to 30 mins outside of the city and it is never really what it might be in the city. For example the thingy may show 70 or 80 degrees but in the fog wrapped city it is probably 60 degrees or less, there can be that much difference.

Well yesterday we went to dinner at Red Lobster in South City for their Shrimp Tuesday, quite tasty. We went with Carol and Pat ( Hi Carol!!) we had a very interesting conversation covering lots of things. When we got back to the city it was freezing and banked in fog. Actually it was in the high 40' or low 50's and we had to close the house back up and flip the heat ON. Yes the heat. It got toasty very fast!!! I got into some comfy sweats and worked on Autumn Bouquet. Here is a snap......

It is really small and is coming along fast. Since this was a kit all the stuff came with it. Now my past experience with pre-kitted things is that you usually get way too much floss to complete the project. If you notice the orange leaf to the left is only half done as I have run out of that orange, which bites!! All I need is just one more strand of the stuff. I even thought it might have fallen under the chair or sofa or gotten lost in my workbasket. I have torn apart the area that I work in and I do not think it has fallen or gotten lost anywhere. I think there just wasn't enough. I have switched over and worked the red and some of the other greens and will just have to get more when I trot over to Needle in a Haystack. I think AB is working up very nice, I wonder though what to do with it when it's finished, any suggestions????

While I stitched I watched "Humoresque" which has Joan Crawford and John Garfield staring in in a slum musician and rich woman kinda thing. The movie is from 1946 and JC was in top form. It seems that this week is the week for people to sacrifice themselves on the alter of love, first there was "A Star is Born" and now "Humoresque." There were two really nice things about the movie one is the music is very good all the way through and
JC can really throw a drink at a wall!!!!

Here are a couple of snaps of the Pete and the Peach.....

Gad Zonks Batman but those angles are ferocious!!!!! :)

Hope all is well in your part of the world, Thanks for stopping by!!!



  1. Autumn Bouquet is looking great. I'm one of those people sweltering in the heat and humidity (live in Virginia), so I'm a bit jealous of your overcast and foggy days in the Bay area. I'd gladly take 50 anyday over what I have here.

  2. I sure wish it was cooler here! We reached 101 in Dacula. My son has been out in the heat with marching band practice! Yuck! Most of the kids are exhausted, your rr is so lovely, I showed my co workers at school, they love the squirrels!

  3. And that's one reason we left the Bay Area. 40 degrees, in AUGUST. Why not live in Alaska, it's warmer! We moved from Moss Beach to Burlingame to have a pool, then found that we could only use it a couple of days a year. The rest of the time it's too cold. That said we still have a loft in San Francisco and spend a day or two in it almost every month. It's so strange to "bundle up" coming there.


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