Thursday, August 30, 2007

Serenity Update.......and some silk

Well, here we are Thursday and all I've been working on when I stitch at all is "Serenity." I am really feeling it for the finish now!!! You know how you get when you've worked on something for a few months and the light at the end of the tunnel is a winkin' and a blinkin'....just a few more, out, in, out...almost there.
Now with a little dramatic lighting and a maniacal laugh, I could be Vincent Price, bwahahahaha......... :)

Here is a snap of the work as it stood last night.

I am sorry about how dark it turned out. I'll try and get a better snap in the full light of day.

I also got another installment of silk from Needlecraft in Baltimore. Isn't Drema just the greatest!!! I took a snap of the skeins on the actual linen that Village of HRH will be stitched on. I have laundered the linen and gotten quite a bit of the starch out so it is quite a bit softer and will feel much nicer when I start on the first.

It is really amazing how the picture makes the linen seem almost dark is really not THAT grey or dark, oh well what can one do.

I have also come to the conclusion that a daily stitch rotation is what I need. I have seen so many stitchers out there using them when they stitch and those stitchers all seem so organized!!! I sit down and go "Oh look 'Serenity' is on top and NEEDS my attention" and so other things just fall to the bottom. On September 1st I will figure out my rotation and on Tuesday I will drop a sidebar with the list. This will solve all my organizational problems!! :) Also I will have no excuse...or I should say I will have fewer excuses not to work a little on everything each week.
My goal for VoHRH is to do one square a month and then next September 1st 2008,
I will be able to start HoHRH.

I can't believe I just wrote September 2008 and set a goal for that far distant date....but if it is writing then I will have to stick to it!!!!! or maybe not. :) We'll just have to wait and see.

Thanks for stopping by!!!

Take care,


  1. Serenity is looking great.
    Oh Edgar you are a braver person than I to stitch VoHRH, then HoHRH straight after, I haven't even dared attempt either.

  2. Wow, you've made such great progress on Serenity. I hope you can keep up with VoHRH :). I use a stitching rotation and love it ;)

  3. Serenity is Outstanding. You motivated me to order Forgiveness!!

  4. Hi, I found your blog while reading comments at Vicki's blog, and just wanted to say that you have a great blog and I love your stitching!!

  5. Serenity is gorgeous! Not too long to go!
    I have never had a rotation and probably never will ;) I just stitch on whatever i feel like which probably explains why i never finish anything LOL

  6. Wow Serenity is gorgeous! Wonderful stitching!

  7. Hi Edgar, just checking out your blog...Serentiy looks fabulous - not too much more to go now!

  8. Serenity is absolutely gorgeous! And the new stash is beautiful, too! Let me know how the rotation works. I've been thinking of trying that, too! Have a great day!


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