Monday, August 20, 2007

It was a great Party!!! and a little stitching

WARNING.....this is a very dessert picture heavy blog today.......

Saturday night was a great success!!! Rico had picked up the cake in the morning and here is a picture, as promised.....

The dinner buffet that we served was two kinds of pork loin, peppercorn and BBQ, almond/garlic haricot verts ( because when you do more than steam them a green bean needs a better name :) ) roasted little Yukon gold fingerling potato's and buttermilk biscuits. Kimmie and Kevin also brought over two wonderful pies, one cherry and one chocolate creme.

Sweet Carol and Pat brought over a gorgeous fruit tray but I didn't take a picture. :(

We all sang Happy birthday with the candles and everything......

Then we hacked into that beast and I had forgotten how nice the filling was as it is flavoured with rum.......

I did get a little stitching done last night on AB while watching "Down to Earth" 1947 with Rita Hayworth. A silly movie but worth watching just for Rita. Wasn't she just the most gorgeous thing, and what a talent!!!!

Here is a snap of AB

You can see how the alphabet colour is very subtle. Eileen brought me more #301 DMC - brown-orange so I could finish out the left side leaf. All that's left is the back stitching and the little saying at the bottom. I really like the fall colours that are used
and this stitched up so quick.

I'll leave off today with a picture of the Peach in disguise as
"Togue-Zilla" the lickiest dog on earth!!

Hunny and Pete had gone to bed already but the Peach will wait till all hours until the lights and TV are off and everyone has gone upstairs to bed before she takes off to her bed
or her pillow in the big bed.

Thanks for stopping by, hope all is well and everyone had a great weekend!!!!!

Love those comments!!!!



  1. Good afternoon Mr. Edgar. We all had a great time also. The food was excellent and seeing old family is always a pleasure. As usual Rico and you were the most gracious of hosts. And learning about your stitching and how you round robin the items is very fasinanting. Remember the round robin we want to do with Mama? Smiles...

  2. Did I miss you having a birthday? I sure hope not, if I did, I'm glad you had a wonderful time spent with friends and family!
    I'm working away on your RR!
    check my blog, a sneak peek of how it's going!

  3. Hmmmm, i really must stop reading your blog when im hungry ;) It just makes me crave all the things that are bad for me LOL That cake looks so good though.
    off to the bakers now.....LOL


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