Thursday, August 2, 2007

HF RR and some bitching!!!!!!

I started working the border for the HF RR and think I am really liking the oak leaf and acorn corner motif. I also have added a squirrel. I want to get as much of this done so that I can get this in the UPS system tomorrow so that Donna can get it before the 12th.

Here is a close up of the border. This will run around the entire piece.

Now for a little complaining about movie rentals:

As many people know I am a BIG movie fan. I own 1000's of movies and watch movies all the time, usually instead of commercial TV....... and talk about movies etc..... I am also a member of GreenCine. This is a company that is based here in the Bay area or I should amend that to say they were based here in the Bay area. They have moved the movie rental processing part of the company to the Van Nuys area to "improve" the turnaround on movie rentals. For those of you who do not know where that is it is about 5 or 6 hours south of SF very close to LA and is a minimum of two days via USPS mail each way which would in the best cases be 4 days between rentals.
Over the past three weeks the usual two day turnaround of movie rentals has dropped to 6,7 or 8 days turn around. They finally sent out an email a couple of days ago to explain the changes and how things should get back to normal in a week or so. This explanation was also put on the discussion board of GC by a company person last week that this week things would improve, which they haven't. This was a bone thrown to the throngs of complaints they were getting on their web site. We shall wait and see...... I really think they have screwed up and that it will never be what it once was and people will leave and go back to NetFlix as they are a bit cheaper for the same service. The only reason I had changed was GreenCine was so efficient and was located here in the Bay area. Just my little whining for the day.

Thanks for stopping by, if you get the chance I really like to read the comments!!!!

Take care,


  1. Your RR looks great and always good to whine once in a while ;)

  2. Your RR looks really great! The border you have stitched on it is lovely. Can't wait to stitch on it! Im after Donna!


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