Friday, August 17, 2007

More silk for VOHRH and some stitching

I worked on Autumn Bouquet a little last night. I was paying more attention to "The Painted Veil." A movie that was even too boring for me to watch. I couldn't really get into it so I didn't even finish.

Here is the progress for AB.

If you look in the upper left you can see the start of the alphabet the surrounds the entire thing. These letters are stitching up rather light, but I guess in the end will be just fine. The piece really looks kinda funny with the floating little flower heads but it will all tie together after the backstitching is done. I didn't stitch to long last night as we are having a load of people over for a birthday jamboree on Saturday. I was really busy as I had to polish up the silver and iron out the linen napkins. I will pick up the linen tablecloth at the dry cleaners today. I just don't have the patience or stamina to iron out a giant linen tablecloth. I have tried and it just isn't worth the effort as I can never get it as crisp as the professionals do using a hand iron.

We also ordered a St Honore cake from Dianda's bakery in the Mission and will pick that up Saturday morning. If you have never had one of these wonderful things they are basically just cream filled puffs of pastry that is slathered in more cream, who could ask for anything more. Or for the official definition that I lifted : A traditional French cake named for Saint Honore the patron saint of pastry bakers. It consists of a base of pâté brisée topped with a ring of cream puffs that are dipped in a caramel coating prior to being positioned on the base. This caramel coating "glues" the puffs together. The center of the ring is then filled with Saint-Honoré cream--crème pâtissière lightened with beaten egg whites or whipped cream.
It is one of our favorite cakes!!! mm mm good :)

I also had a visit from the silk fairy. More fabu silk for the VOHRH. Boy am I itching to start this piece. Here is a snap of what Drema from Needlecarft Corner sent me.

She is so nice and the speedy delivery is a real plus!!!!! If you have noticed I am over ordering these skeins. Not only because I am a nervous sticther and really worry about running out of silk, but they are on sale and you can't beat the price. Worrying about running out of silk is just one of my many mental disorders I guess!!!! I am almost there with all the colours and only need to get the linen. The acquisition of linen is really hard as I have to feel/touch it and really look at it before I can buy it. I find it hard to buy on linen on line if I have a project in my mind and an idea as to what I want to do it on. As we all know the difference in dye lots can really be I will go in person to my LHN and pick it for myself. It also rationalizes the trip over..... and there may other things I have to get, you never know.

Have a great weekend!!!!! I love those comments, THANKS!!!!

Take care,


  1. hmmm that cake sounds so good, im hungry now!
    You've made great progress on Autumn bouquet!
    Have a great weekend :)

  2. Hey Crazy, Haven't had time to read the blog lately, been to busy @ work. But I got caught up today. We had a great time @ dinner the other night to. Thankx for not mentioning the crazy stuff you all talked about. Sometime I don't know about you guys! Smiles...Looking forward to dinner Saturday and of course the company always a great time, until then have a great day. Smiles.

  3. Your Autumn piece is so beautiful!And just reading the description of that cake made me gsin back some of the weight I have lost!! lol That sounds downright decadent!! All those threads are awesome! Have a great bash Sat.!

  4. Autumn Bouquet is looking great, you're going to be done in no time at all. Looking forward to seeing you start working on VoHRH, I just started this month, even though the SAL I'm doing it with isn't supposed to start until next month.

  5. Your autumn Bouquet looks lovely, and those silks are just scrummy ;)

  6. Nice, Edgar! AB is beautiful! I do hope you received your fabrics safely??

  7. Hey Edgar, there is a group of us at Hand Dyed Fibers doing VoHRH. Please come and join us. There is even another guy, Kevin, working with us!! and come to the forums.


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