Monday, July 30, 2007

Update on that monster SERENITY.....

Well, I only worked on "SERENITY" this weekend. Pushing aside my RR and my SAL pieces. I did that because I felt that I had neglected this piece for quite a while...and... if I am going to get this finished by this fall (a goal I have set myself) I need to finish the border. Here is a pretty good snap of the progress:

As you can see I am working counter-clock-wise around the piece. Not for any reason other than I usually work the other way round and thought I should mix it up a bit. When this is finished it will be the biggest piece I will have completed as it is about 18" across by about 24" tall. I ordered last week Vilmas newest design called "FORGIVENESS." The model I have seen was worked in VC silks and is an overall orangy biegey coloured piece, and those are colours that I am not drawn to. I will change the charted colours and work the piece in "SERENITY" comparable overdyed floss' so that I can have them both framed up and hang them as companion pieces. That's a long way off so I have plenty of time to mull over that problem. I had seen the finished model of "FORGIVENESS" on line a few months back and had been waiting for the release of the chart.

The weekend here in SF was just glorious as we had huge amounts of fog blanketing the city and the weather hovered in the mid sixties.

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  1. Oh wow Edgar, that piece is amazing! What a huge project. It is beautiful

  2. Serenity is just stunning and I'm so jealous you got Forgiveness, I definitely need to add that one to my stash ;)

  3. I'm glad you enjoyed the fog this week in San Francisco. I thought it was COLD!!! But it was lovely on Saturday morning when we wnet to the Ferry Plaza Market for breakfas and produce. There were so many lovely things there, especially peaches!