Thursday, July 26, 2007

The Deathly Hallows, c'est Finis :(

I finished the last HP book, and was quite satisfied. There are a few little points that weren't answered, but as a whole I really enjoyed the book. There were not too many surprises in the way it ended up as a total HP reading, Muggelnet visiting fan I had sorta figured out the way the wind was blowing. There were however some quite exciting places that made the book just jump, and now I can't wait for the movie, Fall 2010!!!!!

DA RULES!!!!!!!!



  1. Hi Edgar, Always like visiting your site it is so interesting and love the pics. Smiles..

  2. Oh my! Not only are you a cross-stitching bloke but you like samplers too!! I think you are the first male stitcher I have met that likes to stitch samplers. y dad stitches too but not samplers. Very pleased to meet you. Like your work.