Friday, July 6, 2007

More pictures form the Vacation

While we were visiting Custer State park, just south of Rapid City, we came across a herd of Buffalo crossing the highway. Since they have the right of way we stopped. Then we pulled over and just let them wander across the street.

You have to give them credit. They are big, they are the boss and they really know it. As they will just sort of saunter across the road.

We also saw lots of other animals when we visited a place called "Bear Country." We saw wolves, I think this is an Arctic Timber Wolf. Sorry about the blurry picture.

Here is another just regular Tiber Wolf, I think....

Then were the Bobcat, he was pretty far from me and the camera.

Then there were the Bears, and there were lots of Bears..... here is a bear eating

Here is a bear cub just a hanging in a tree

And here is a couple of Bears doing what comes naturally

Here is a Bear walking around and another one lounging about...

Overlooking all of Rapid City is a Mountain called Dinosaur Hill. The views are spectacular. The Dinosaurs where built int he 1930's by the WPA. Here are a couple shots.

And overlooking downtown Rapid City

On the way into Pine Ridge Reservation we stopped at the White River Visitor Center which was well worth the stop. At the center they give an overall introduction to the reservation and the traditional Ogalaga/Lakota Sioux way of life. Here is the view from the Center.

And here are two sweet girls, our Nieces, Leslie and Ashleigh. Ecstatic about having their pictures taken!!

Last night I did a little x-stitching and working on griding out my linen for the Heartfelt Friends RR. The fabric is by Weichlet and called Lambs Wool, sorry it looks pretty boring but here it is....

And I worked some on the border of Serenity, which I think is turning out really nice. I like the way the Sassy Brass overdyed is streaking the colour back and forth.

Thanks for stopping by, I really appreciate it, and leave a comment if you have the time.
Take care, and have a great weekend!!!!!!



  1. Ive really enjoyed looking at your holiday pictures. Love your current stitching project too.

  2. Hi Edgar- Thanks for visiting my blog. Your vacation pics are interesting, buffalo really roam free? I love our Serenity piece ;)

  3. Love the animal pictures, although some look a bit scary for my liking! Great start on your RR and your other piece is really lovely

  4. Those are great wildlife photos! And Serenity is looking amazing - I also love the way your overdyed floss is bringing out a nice effect in the border :-)

  5. About those bears "doing what comes naturally" I think you will find the one in front is blind and the one behind is pushing him to the hospital.
    From across the ocean-Graham