Friday, November 18, 2022

Flashback Friday

 Gentle Friends..... here's a sampler for the Thanksgiving season from about 10 years ago...

"Feast of Friendship" designed by Blackbird Designs - 9/18 - 11/3/13 - 36ct Barn Owl
Using mostly recommended overdyed - changing GAST "Piney Woods" for CC "Baby Spinach and adding CC "Sassy Brass" to the roof tiles.

I remember this as a really fun stitch and it's framed and hung up on the sampler wall so I can see it every day.  It's amazing that almost ten years have gone by since this was stitched... Tempus fugit!!

Thanks for stopping by do stop again.  Stay Safe!

Good Thoughts! Good Words! Good Deeds!


  1. It is a beautiful piece, Edgar! Love the colors!

  2. Dearest Edgar: This is truly a beauty, the colors are very pretty.


  3. Lovely to see this beauty today! Thinking of you this week, Edgar, as I had a last-minute fervent request to bring "That Jack (Daniels) Cake You Made That One Time!!!!" (PLEASE!!!) to a Thanksgiving gathering.

    "What!?", I thought. "Chr*st, who would make such a thing???..." Then it hit me; it was a joke cake I made for another friend's (who REALLY liked JD) birthday, a silly thing done by and for much younger people. What it really is, I bet you've realized, is *Pat's Rum Cake*, but suffering under the apocryphal alteration of a whiskey substitution. I wanted to really be sure of the recipe, so back to the archive of this excellent blog I went. Even had to buy a new bundt pan (only had a super-small one.) I hope the 10-cup I just overnighted will fit it! We shall see! At least it's a very fetching square design with 60-Degree angled parallel lines.

    Thank you for being you, Edgar, you're so awesome.

  4. Just love the color combinations and the theme... what a lovely


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