Monday, May 16, 2022

A Little Finish and a Little Start

 Gentle Friends, I finished up the HA sampler, and here's a snap...

"Heaven Above" - Midsummer Night Designs
40ct LL - Pearled Barley
Recommended Floss
4/11 - 5/12/22

A fun little stitch that seemed to work up quickly and now it's on to another sampler... I think I'm going to keep on stitching from stash for the next two projects.  The next piece I'm stitching came straight from my stash pile...  and was pulled entirely from stash.... I've had this chart sort of hovering in the background for years.  I always enjoy stitching Quaker pieces so here's a snap...

"M. Quertier 1799" from The Scarlet Letter
36ct Hot Mess from WDW

The 2 main silk colors I am using are Gloriana "Seaweed" and Silk 'N Colors "Tapestry Green"
I am also going to spot stitch in some Gloriana "Dried Pink Roses" and Elizabethan Green" - The sampler was originally stitched in all Black... but I'm not trying for a repro look and I choose my own path and colors.....

That's about it for today sports fans.  Thanks for stopping by dos top again.  Stay Safe!!

Good Thoughts! Good Words! Good Deeds!


  1. What a beautiful finish, Edgar! What a lovely start on the Quaker piece! Happy Monday!

  2. I stitched M Quertier a few years ago, she is a lovely sampler. And Ann Grimshaw is also a beautiful Quaker girl

  3. Just glorious and it does look like an enjoyable design to work,
    especially the angels.... Your own "Guardian" must be proud of
    your choices... Good for you ! The Quaker piece in your selection of colors should prove interesting..


  4. I love the happy colors you used in Heaven Above. The Quaker piece also intrigues me.

  5. Heaven Above is gorgeous Edgar! The little cat and dog angels just melt my heart.

  6. HA is a bright, sunny, piece...nice finish! But, I am partial to Quaker pieces myself. Have several in the "stash" of these days! ~Robin~

  7. Your finish is beautiful. I like the new piece that you have started.


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