Saturday, November 27, 2021

A Little Stitchin' and a Little Dinner

 Gentle Friends, I took off Wednesday and Monday for the Thanksgiving weekend... in between cooking and getting the house ready I've been able to get a little more done on MCEV... here's a snap...

... I just took this quick snap with it still in the Qsnaps... I'm thinking about changing up the roofline, but I still have some time... and here's a snap of us as we sat down to Thanksgiving...

.. our dining room is too small for all of us so I popped up a card table, slapped on a linen cloth et voila enough room...Rico whipped up a lovely centerpiece and I scaled back the menu a bit... turkey breast, crock-pot stuffing ( the real winner and I'll never make it any other way!!), steamed green beans, mashed white potatoes, sweet potato souffle with pecan topping,  roasted Brussell sprouts, homemade cranberry sauce, apple butter our friend Rob put up this Fall for my buttermilk biscuits and a dish of watermelon rind pickle.  We started off the afternoon with Kir Royale for everyone... at dinner, we popped both a red and white wine ... AND we sat down at 2:05 pm... only 5 minutes past when I said we would.  Usually, I'm so backed up I'm lucky if we sit down by 3.....  but I had prepped the hell out of everything so it was probably the smoothest and least stressed Thanksgiving ever...!  My sister and brother-in-law came down from Vancouver WA and brought a delicious Marion Berry Pie, and I had made a spiced dark chocolate cake for Mike's birthday.  There was very little leftover so I am very happy about that and everyone had a super time!!  Now on to Christmas Dinner.... we're thinking Brisket this year.......

Thanks for stopping by do stop again!  Stay Safe!

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  1. Your menu sounded delicious, much like ours. A lot of people turn those nose up at it, but I have to have my green bean casserole for Thanksgiving. I just love it. Even with a small space you managed to set a beautiful table. And thank goodness for a card table. Looks like everyone was ready to dig into that delicious food.

  2. How wonderful, your table looks so elegant and the food sounds lovely. X

  3. The table looks delightful - and roasted Brussels sprouts are something that I have really come to love. I made the cranberry sauce this year too - yum!

  4. Awesome progress on the house, Edgar! I am chuckling over your "scaled back" menu. It looks like you had a wonderful meal.

  5. Your table looks lovely. Your menu sounds delicious. Looks like another awesome Thanksgiving is in the books! Now... Merry Christmas!

  6. Dearest Edgar: It looks like you set a positively beautiful table, the center piece is a beautiful.
    My mouth is watering, this year was the first year I made good gravy, like Mom's.
    Your stitching is coming along, you have made great progress.
    I am in love with your chandelier.
    Have a beautiful week.


  7. Your stitching looks wonderful! I always love your posts about your Thanksgiving meal and seeing what you're eating, and drinking too! I think I've been a follower for 9 or 10 years now but I still enjoy all of it!

  8. If I pass on the Brussel sprouts, may I have seconds on the spiced chocolate cake please???? Ooooo...sounds SO good! I was right in surmising you'd be feasting well...and such a beautiful presentation. Enjoy your day off! ~Robin~ (Ella is looking great!)

  9. Everything looks so elegant and Rico performed his usual magic in creating the beautiful centerpiece. I can well imagine the effort that
    went into presenting that classical Thanksgiving dinner - no wonder so
    little was leftover ... Above all, it seems all were blessed on that that special occasion by the spirit of love you poured into it. Any
    spiced chocolate cake left???lol


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