Thursday, July 21, 2016

A Little Thrifting....

Gentle Friends, it's been two weeks of really no fun finds at all, both past Saturdays were total last Saturday after looking around an "Estate Sale" it was more of a yard sale, we headed to...

Zapata Mexican Grill - Castro - San Francisco, CA - Yelp
... Zapata Mexican Grill a taqueria in the Castro that has some really tasty offerings and won't break the bank.  We ordered and took it home...

... I got a grilled prawn super burrito ( "super burrito" only means the addition of guacamole and sour cream to the beans, rice and prawns) usually I eat half and save half for later, but this time I just gobbled the whole thing up!!

So, nothing fun to report but we had a nice lunch!! 
Here's hoping there's better things out there this weekend!!

There you go sports fans, thanks for stopping by do stop again!!!

Take care,


  1. I'm sorry the hunting's been bad, but that lunch looks awesome! :D sometimes it's fun to go all-out and eat the whole thing! Lol!

  2. Sometimes a good meal is all you need to be happy. :)