Friday, July 15, 2016

A Couple of Cuties

Gentle Friends, I thought I'd wrap up the week with a who hound snap....

... I was doing some laundry the other evening and before I could fold the clean dry sheets two hounds wriggled their way into the warmness...with the temps hovering in the low 60's all week they are on the lookout for warm places!!

That wraps up the week, have a super weekend and thanks once again for stopping by!!

Take care,


  1. They do look comfy! Hope your weekend is comfy, too.

  2. Thank you Edgar! Your who-hound pics always make me smile. And if there was ever a day we all need a smile it's today. Enjoy your weekend...

  3. It doesn't get any cuter than that! Love your pups. :-)
    Enjoy the weekend.

  4. I love your stitching and cooking and treasure hunting, but I just adore the who hounds! They always make me smile.

  5. Very,very cute! Have a great week-end!

  6. What adorable faces! My puppies like to do the same things when it's cool here. Fresh laundry is always a temptation to them, though. :)

    Blessings - Julie


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