Wednesday, July 6, 2016

A Little Jammin'

Gentle Friends, a while back I got a wild hair to make some jam and since there is some beautiful stone fruit coming into the City from the valley I knew that the long weekend was a perfect time to get it in gear and make some!!!!  I wasn't exactly sure what I wanted to make - it was a toss up between apricot and plum.... well... being the procrastinator I tend to be I waited to late for apricots and the plums were in full "fig" so plum it was.... I found a super recipe over at Natasha's Kitchen - click HERE to go there -  I had been looking for recipe that used NO extra pectin and she had one that works, and is super tasty!!!

I actually used two kinds of plums, a smaller prune plum from a friends tree and some black plums from the farmers market - 

I had to haul out my two biggest mixing bowls to macerate the fruit with sugar in... I actually ended up with around 13lbs of fruit.... so I upped the sugar 3/4 of a cup... after about an hour and 1/2 the fruit had released a ton of liquid.... so into the pot.....

...  I bought this great 10 quart restaurant pot from a consignment store a couple of weeks ago, something I had to have - not knowing then that shortly I would be putting it to use...

...  this is a snap of the first "come to boil" and "simmer 10 minutes"...

.... the first "coming back down to room temp"  and since the temps have been in the upper 50's here , I actually sat the whole pot on the "veranda" and let the foggy breezes bring the temps down even faster, to get a second boil in quicker.....

... a snap of the second boil/simmer, see how much of the liquid has evaporated....  it did spatter a bit during each boil/simmer and I had a damp sponge at the ready to wipe up all the spots.... I seemed to have missed one in this snap...

... and this is either the second or third cool down.....

... coming into the home stretch, this is going into the final boil/simmer and even at this point it is already thick and delicious!!!!

... and here's a snap of the final jarred jam, I got 15 and 3/4, 1/2 Pints out of this recipe.... 
some to keep and some to give away!!!!  I loved making this stuff and stretched it out over three days, so there was no rush or stress.  

That's about it for today sports fans, thanks for stopping by do stop again!!

Take care,


  1. That jam looks soooooo good Edgar!

  2. WOW Looks delicious and am sure tasty. Blueberries now available and plan to make jam--so tasty and make great gifts!

  3. That jam looks pretty as well as delicious!

  4. Interesting. I would have thought you at least had to add some lemon juice to it. (and that adds some pectin and activates the natural pectin also. )

  5. That looks delicious! I've never canned plum jam, but will have to add it to the line-up. I look forward to canning every year with all the fruit from the farmer's market and my SIL's garden. She even has an apple orchard, so apple sauce is always a fall favorite. Enjoy!

  6. Homemade plum jam is the best! I made lots of it years ago when we had two plum trees.

    Nice work!

    Mary in MN

  7. Nothing nicer than homemade jam .... yummy

  8. Yum! I'll have to show your work to the dude, who is our designated jam maker (he even has a French copper pot for the undertaking).


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