Monday, November 2, 2015

A Little Stitchin'..... and the "Bud's" has Arrived.......

Gentle Friends, I got a bit more done on the AaHRH......

...I've gotten all the green squares done and now it's on to the light gold silk to fill in the rest of the yard....

I couldn't believe that Bud's was already in the stores Saturday so of course I had to buy some.... 
a really delicious Egg Nog here in the Bay area.... 

... and I was still celebrating Hallowe'en since I used my Hallowe'en mug!!

That's about it for today sports fans, thanks for stopping by do stop again!!

Take care,


  1. Such pretty colors in your AaHRH. Never had eggnog.......just never sounded good to me. But your cake on the Sunday baking post does. I'm going to try that one.


  2. Beautiful stitching progress! I know the Holidays are upon us.

  3. Your making great progress on AHRH--pretty colors. Looking forward to things which are available during certain seasons//holidays--they seem to appear in stores earlier and earlier.

  4. I bought eggnog flavored coffee creamer several weeks ago - makes a great base for chai tea!

  5. The perfect combination, a Halloween mug and Egg Nog!

  6. So much talk about rushing the seasons, but I think you've found a nice balance here. A little pumpkins in the stitching. The Halloween mug, and of course the eggnog. That cookie jar cracks me up every time I see it!!

  7. I was just at the grocery store in the north bay last night looking for Bud's and it wasn't in stock yet. Looks like your area gets it first. So envious!! I'm gonna break my rule this year of waiting until Thanksgiving because my kids want some (I hope that's a valid excuse!). ;-)


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