Friday, November 13, 2015

An Exchange Arrives and a Little Thriftin'

Gentle Friends, I've been down with some kind of bug for the last couple of days and have not stitched or touched the computer....  now that I'm back at about 87% I thought I would wrap up the week with a post......

I saw on the HoE that my Autumnal Exchange had arrive at Rosa's...

....  it was a fun stitch and squirrels, nuts and leaves really say Fall for me ......

Last weekend I found a few things...

...  a pair of heavy old brass candlesticks, a great large older "Brown Betty", a sterling footed wheel cut bowl, a handful of sand dollars....  a travel book about Provence and a DVD of an excellent film....  "The Magdalene Sisters."

That's about it for today sports fans, thanks for stopping by - have a super weekend and see you next week.  I will be out and about shopping for that Christmas cake this weekend!!

Take care,


  1. Beautiful exchange piece and yes it totally says fall.

  2. Oh, I love the PS you stitched for the exchange! The linen you used was perfect. Beautiful!

  3. Happy to hear the bug is bidding you farewell... Love the Autumn
    piece...colors are perfect. Feel better, you don't miss
    "shopping" this weekend ....

  4. What pattern is the squirrel from? I love it! Lisa

  5. Delightful ornament you exchanged. Get wel (hug)

  6. Your exchange piece is lovely. Lol at the 87%. Hope you get the other 13% soon so you are back to full capacity! Take care and have a good weekend.


  7. What a pretty little seasonal stitch! Nice thrifting -love the candle sticks!

  8. Love the squirrel, great fall colors. There is nothing better than tea made in a brown teapot! My large brown atlas pot has unfortunately lost it's lid,,,,I broke years ago meant to repair and then must have said " why am I saving a broken lid?". Still the pot looks great on the kitchen counter full of daffodils in the spring.

  9. Very pretty exchange stitching! Have a wonderful weekend

  10. Thanks so much again for your lovely exchange piece! Hope your feeling 100% soon! I always look forward to reading your blog posts! Rosa

  11. I love the cute squirrel you did, we have lots of them around our village and in our garden. x

  12. Dearest Edgar: Your fall ornament is beautiful.
    Love your finds, you seem to find some of the greatest items when thrift hunting.

    Happy Thanksgiving


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