Friday, October 30, 2015

A Hallowe'en Treeat

Gentle Friends, Rico brought a treat home last night for the Spooky Holiday......

... the only injury was the Mummy, it fell over, but was still delicious!!  They came from a local Cupcake place I've talked about before... CAKO

That's about it for today sports fans, I again thank you for stopping by, 
and invite you to stop by again!! 

Hope you weekend is filled with wonderful "Treats" and only a few fun "Tricks!!"

Take care,


  1. They look delicious, is that chocolate mummy blood???? Happy Halloween to you both.............

  2. How sweet of Rico. They look too cute to eat. Have a wonderful Halloween.

  3. Great cupcakes! Happy Halloween!

  4. oh my! Rico...I'd be as big as a yard barn if he was around me very much ;)
    Happy Halloween!


A Little Break

 Gentle Friends, just taking a break from the Blog for a while.   I'll be back...  look at the cute Chi in the meantime... Good Thoughts...